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Points of Interest in Highmount, PA

  • Lat, Long: 40.0312083,-76.5757991

Highmount is located within the Hellam Township of York County. The township of Hellam, where Highmount is located, is a minor civil division in the county. Highmount is catalogued as a Populated Place according to the U.S. Board on Geographic Names. Highmount has 577 feet above sea level and operates on the Eastern Time Zone (UTC -5 hours).

GEO-Related Info in Highmount, Pennsylvania

  • Rocky Ridge Park
Rocky Ridge Park
Rocky Ridge Park
  • Address: 3699 Deininger Road, York  PA  17406
  • Plus code: 286W+8G York, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Lat, Long: 40.01103366326946, -76.65377849081686

Rocky Ridge Park is a park that is vastly covered by forest, making it a heavily natural park. Throughout the park, there are miles of trails running through it. The trails are multi-use, meaning you can use them for hiking or even biking through the natural park. The forest is covered with mature oak forest, which is exciting to walk through. The huge trees are thrilling, especially if you are out for an adventure. There are also a few attractions within the park that make a tour of the park interesting. Some of the notable attractions in the park include picnic pavilions and scenic views of the Susquehanna valley. It would be a great idea to take pictures to mark memories in the park. You can also enjoy sporting activities in the park thanks to playgrounds. There is a dedicated field for softball and a general playground ideal for children. The park is an ideal family-friendly spot in Highmount. Kids will enjoy a visit here because it is always highly lively and has interactive events they would enjoy. Your family would enjoy hiking through the park, so would your dog, as you can take it for a walk through the park’s environs. It would be good to know that the car park and the entrance to the park are wheelchair-accessible. This ensures that no one is left out from enjoying the best part of the heavily forested park.

  • Barkby Plungers
Barkby Plungers
Barkby Plungers
  • Address: 4515 Ore Bank Rd, York, PA 17406, United States
  • Plus code: 2978+JR York, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Lat, Long: 40.01422982065757, -76.63289984479044

If you are ever in town and need an ideal spot for your dogs, the Barkby Plungers will do. The destination is a dog park offering seamless activities that dogs will surely find interesting. They will also find companions with whom they can play- considering how playful a man’s best friend can be! Furthermore, several special events are specifically held for the excitement of your little friend. It would help to know that the owners of the Barkby Plungers are well-maintained, ensuring the quality property standards remain intact. As a pet owner, you are also treated to dock diving as you know how to do it better. The seamless water activities throughout the dog park will surely make your dog more comfortable around water. Moreover, citizens that have been to the dog park before find it ideal for pet energy and prey drive. There you have it, the best idea to treat your precious pet, especially if they have been excellent in lifting you at your lowest time. Let the dog run around the acres of property and swim safely through the water as you relax with fellow adults.

  • Eshbach Mulch Products
Eshbach Mulch Products
Eshbach Mulch Products
  • Address: 299 Burgs Ln, York, PA 17406, United States
  • Plus code: 2CGM+9J York, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Lat, Long: 40.02611872330668, -76.56591504479009

If you ever need to complete a landscaping project, then the Eshbach Mulch Products is the one-stop store you should shop at if you are around Highmount, Pennsylvania. The stop is a supply store dealing with all kinds of landscaping equipment and products you might need to use for your project. Eshbach Mulch Products has retained its popularity since its foundation in 1996. Over the years, it has been a reputable supplier in the whole of York County. Furthermore, it has remained the most preferred landscaping supply store in the whole of York County. The store extends delivery and picks up all through the years for any landscape materials purchased from the store. As a dedicated aid to ensure that you design and landscape your backyard as you wish- making it the talk of the whole neighbourhood. You can trust our professional services 100%. Service options in the supply store include in-store shopping, curbside pickup and you can make an order and have it delivered to your location. The main offering at the store is a service guarantee to all customers here. It will also be of great help knowing that the entrance and other facilities in the store are wheelchair-accessible. There is a diverse range of products sold here, including mulch and soil, natural stone, and equipment needed for wall retention. Some products will help you design your lawn and garden as you wish to have them. All these are included so that there are better chances of your vision in landscaping becoming a reality.

About York, PA

In all reality, the city has beautiful hotels, restaurants, museums, attractions, etc. We hope that you liked the places presented and that you were interested, we wish you a good trip to all who visit the place. The city is rich with a ton of businesses that make your life-style there super comfortable. And if you are into animals, you need to consult our animal medic York PA.

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