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Our Vets in Leonard Springs are Specialized in these Services:

Our vets in Leonard Springs are specialized in these veterinary services:

  • Vet Surgery: We only perform surgeries if need be. For example, a cat can eat a material that cannot be excreted. Or your dog can get injured from a car accident. It’s hard to avoid surgery in such cases. Our accredited facilities can host diverse surgeries like mass removal surgery, dental surgery, C-section, etc. Lately, we hired professional surgeons to help in ocular surgery, foreign body removal, and bladder stones removal.

  • Pets’ Vaccinations: This plays an important role in keeping your pet healthy. We deliver all kinds of vaccines and shots. In this regards, our licensed veterinarians recommend specific vaccines for dogs like rabies, distemper, Leptospirosis, Lyme, Bordetella, and canine influenza. For cat owners, feline Rabies, Feline Distemper (FVRCP) and Feline Leukemia vaccines are recommended.

  • Pets’ Diagnostics & Treatment: Moreover, we offer services in Fructosamine test for cats and T4 analysis (Thyroid). Doctors experienced in veterinary endoscopy and electrocardiography were hired in 2015. We are also medicating animals suffering from infections or illnesses.

  • Bone Fracture Treatment: A broken leg in a pet is painful. We offer every help in such situations. We have a dedicated emergency vet department that offers necessary help. Always contact us before you arrive at our facility. However, handle your pet with care if it has a broken limb or tail.

  • Wound Repair and Management: Our experts will clean and dress any wound on your pet. We also ensure the wound heals completely. We will place a cone on your pet’s neck to stop it from licking the wound, which is a common reaction. Reach out at (812) 269-1929 to find the best emergency vet clinics in your zip code.

Vets in Leonard Springs IN

How can our Animal Hospital Help You?

  • In-house Veterinary Blood Tests: CBC veterinary can easily be done in our lab. Indeed, our veterinary blood tests include cat blood test, senior blood panel cats, cat kidney blood test, and blood allergy test for dogs. Moreover, our vets in Leonard Springs, IN do PLT blood test in dogs, senior blood work for dogs, and anti-Mullerian hormone test dog.

  • Behavioral Therapy: In case your pet develops unwanted behavior, you should contact a professional. If you don’t, the situation may worsen. In this case, call our animal behavior therapy department. To ensure the intended behavior is retained, we use a variety of techniques. In fact, our pet counseling services will connect you with the best cat counselor or dog counselor in your area. Again, we advise you to check reviews related to our pet behavior counseling and how dog breeding helps make life easier.

  • Pet Nutritional Counseling: Proper animal feeding means healthy and happy pets. Sadly, some pet owners overlook this fact and feed their pets whatever they get at home. Other pet owners don’t mind the quality of food given to pets. This leads to repeated cases of unhealthy pets. Less often, your pets will be aggressive.

  • Spay and Neutering Services: There are multiple reasons for pet neutering. So, opt for it if you don’t want breeding. We provide all kinds of services including neutering and spaying for any home animal.

  • Vet Dentist: We offer pet dental care services to ensure your pet’s teeth are in the best shape. So, call us to schedule an appointment for a pet dental exam. Our vets in Leonard Springs, Indiana will be happy to help.

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GEO Location:

Leonard Springs is an unincorporated community of Van Buren Township in Indiana. It consists of the suburbs of Kirby, Elwren, Stanford, Kirksville, Harrodsburg and Clear Creek. It can be found to the southwest of Bloomington where State Route 37 forms a part of its border. Interstate 69 begins as part of its southwest border and crosses over to the North east. Leonard Springs is served by the Zip Code 47403 and the Area Code 930. The demographics of the area are included as a part of Van Buren Township, which is home to 11.981 people, or as part of Monroe County.

Points of Interest

  • Leopard Springs Nature Park

The Park began as a water catchment area meant to serve the city of Bloomington as from 1914. However, the city got hold of various more resources from which they could get their water from, and the Leopard Springs area was no longer a part of their plans. The park first passed hands to the Bloomington Utilities Service Board, which in turn, the Bloomington Parks and Recreation ended up acquiring the property in 1998. The nature preserve was opened in the following year and includes a number of hiking and biking trails. The park can be found at 4600 S Whooping Crane Lane, Bloomington, IN 47403, United States.

  • Monroe Hospital

Here is a hospital that has been built in a place that will be of great service to the community around it. It is a private hospital that began as an initiative of the Southern Indiana Medical park corporation. The hospital broke ground in 2005 and was completed in 2006. As is the case all around the country, the Bloomington Hospital did oppose the opening and services offered by the Monroe people to help protect its bottom line, but the health and well being of the community won. The hospital can be found at 4011 S Monroe Medical park Blvd, Bloomington IN 47403, United States.

Most Visited Places

Leonard Springs Nature Park
Leonard Springs Nature Park
Indiana University
Indiana University
Monroe Hospital
Monroe Hospital

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