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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions!

  • What can I do if I can’t afford a vet?

Get a line of credit. Most vet places will have programs they offer with affordable payment plans to get the care your pet needs now and pay later. Other ways to come up with some quick cash is taking a look around and seeing what you can sell. We all have “stuff” that we really don’t need or use. Sell some things online or have a yard sale. Check here our pricing model as our rates are very affordable.

  • How do you get free vet care?

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to raise all of the money you need to help with your high vet bills. There is still hope. There are many charities that are available and might have help. The Human Society is a great start. They have a list of charities and organizations that are out there to help with this. Give them a call and see what they can offer.

  • How soon can you use pet insurance?

Most pet health insurances will have a 14 day grace period. However, some will cover accidents that happen just 48 hours after the initial sign up. This is information that you really should discuss with the insurance company.

  • What does pet insurance actually cover?

That is one of the most frequently asked questions we get. It covers things that you aren’t expecting. Things such as ingestion of foreign objects, poisoning, if your pet is hit by a car, ligament tears, broken bones and some illnesses such as cancer treatments. It does not cover routine maintenance and yearly routine shots and check-ups. It is important that you talk to your agent regarding these costs. The majority of the insurance companies cover the services offered in our veterinary care center.

  • Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost?

Pet insurance is a bit costly and can cost, on average, around $300/year. The average lifespan of a dog and the cost is about $5000 which if you have a generally healthy and happy dog, this cost is going to not be worth it for most pet owners.

  • Where can I leave my dog for a week?

There are a few options. You can get a pet sitter. A pet sitter comes to your home and lets your dog out a few times a day, including mornings and evenings. They can also stay at your home. Or you can find a friend or neighbor that is willing to watch your pet. Another great option that people don’t know about, you can take your pet with you to many hotels nowadays. Alternatively, you can board your pet at a pet hotel or kennel. On this option, we usually get the following frequently asked questions.

FAQs about Boarding Services

  • Do dogs get sad when boarded?

This will certainly depend on the dog and what they have experienced in the past. Some do get sad. It is not uncommon for them to stress a little, especially if this is their first time. They don’t yet know that you will soon be back and they get to go home. If you travel a lot, they start to understand that they are on a vacation and you will be back and are typically more relaxed.

  • Will my dog hate me if I board him?

Whether you board your dog or leave them at home, they are going to stress, if that is the type of dog they are. The important thing is to choose what you feel is best for you and your dog. Boarding a dog means they will be around lots of other dogs, there will be barking and loud noises. This isn’t a home setting. Having a pet sitter allows your dog to remain in your home.

  • Do dogs miss their owners when re-homed?

Yes!!! Dogs build bonds with their owners that – in most of the cases – last a lifetime. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, this bond has been broken. They will most likely exhibit depression and anxiety. This is very present if they had a wonderful owner and bond.

  • Are dog kennels bad for dogs?

While this living condition isn’t ideal, most dogs are okay with it for short periods of time. However, if you don’t think your dog would like to stay in a kennel, then you can seek an upscale kennel that will allow your dog to move around a bit more. This makes sense for more active and older dogs.

  • Do dogs get bored in kennels?

Kennels and crates are a dog’s safe space. This is the best place for them when they are frightened, bored, or anxious. It keeps them safe and their surroundings safe as well. An owner will need to train his dog that the crate is a positive thing and not punishment.

  • What should I look for in a dog daycare?

Check the place out in person if you can. Ask for their insurance and meet the staff. Find out what their daily routine is and ensure the place is clean and tidy.  Ensure they have safety precautions in place and the dogs are grouped accordingly. Check their treat and toy policy and speak to them about their guided activities. And for hair-cuts, check our frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should You Know About Grooming Services?

  • Do groomers sedate dogs?

No. They cannot legally sedate a dog. However, if they work within a vet’s office, the vet can sedate a dog and will do so if that is what is needed. There are medications that the owner can give the dog that is prescribed by the vet that will help the groomer as well. Just ask your vet what the best solution they think would be for your dog.

  • How do groomers calm dogs?

The dog might have additional tethers used on the dog to help control them and keep them calm. They also have a trick of placing a towel over the dog’s head that has a calming effect on the dog as well. All groomer’s have their own techniques to calm the dog and get them to relax for them.

  • Can dogs be traumatized at groomers?

Yes, this can happen. Just like people, dogs can also feel ashamed of their new look. They will display this as embarrassed or depressed. Some places could be a bit rough, which the dog will display fear when going. However, most of the time, if the dog doesn’t want to go it’s because it doesn’t like baths and all that primping. Think about it at home, does your dog like you giving them a bath? If not, they are not going to like others they don’t know to do it either.

  • What is a mobile dog groomer?

Typically it is inside a van that comes right to your door and does the grooming inside their van. It is all self-contained. If your four-legged friend feel safer at home, then you should go for a mobile pet grooming.

  • Can you groom your own dog?

Well, you could. It is not advised if you don’t have training. This is sort of like cutting your mom’s hair, it is legal but not a good idea. And if you need caretakers, check first the our listed frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.

Important Information about Pet Sitting and Training

  • What can I expect from a dog trainer?

Trainers can train dogs for basic commands to performing in a ring. There are several different ways a dog trainer will go about this. You should speak to the facility and trainer about your expectations.

  • What makes you a good dog walker?

A dog walker should be mature, organized, and accountable. Indeed, you want someone that is honest, punctual, and calm to walk your dog. Otherwise, your four-legged friend won’t get much out of your cost.

  • How often should a pet sitter come?

Pet sitters often come three times or more a day. This is morning, afternoon, and evening for dogs. For cats, they can come once a day or twice a day. Of course, more visits can be arranged for older dogs or dogs that need more interaction.

Heaven 4ur Pet proudly offers a wide range of services in all the major cities in the USA. And these are the most frequently asked questions that have been raised to us in the last year. We work very hard toward our goal that is the customer satisfaction. And we appreciate your feedback. Your satisfaction is our goal. So, it makes sense to hear from you. If you have any inquires or your question is not listed here, please feel free to contact us.