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Our veterinary hospital offers Philadelphia vet programs that have the same quality as world of animals Inc in the center city. Our veterinarians and staff can connect you to Dr. Jeffrey Stupine.

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On emergency Philadelphia vet in Philadelphia, PA you need to find someone that is there when you need them. This means that they are open when the emergency happens as well as fully understand how to assist. In the reality, not all emergency veterinary services are the same. Some are only open during normal business hours. While others are open 24/7. Yet, not all emergencies happen during normal business hours. If you have a pet, you should know which veterinarians in your area offer after-hours services ahead of time. This will allow you to quickly react should you need to call on their assistance. Having the doctor’s number on your phone assists you with getting the help that you need more quickly. 

Services Offered by Our Veterinarians!

Animal Surgery

Our animal hospital does a lot of research with the University of Pennsylvania and world of animals Inc. We regularly read all research done by Dr. Jeffrey Stupine.

Our veterinary services include animal surgeries for all types of animals. We equipped our surgery rooms with the state-of-the-art equipment. Give us a call for more information about the available appointments


Our veterinary hospital located in the center city has been working for long years with the University of Pennsylvania.

Without a doubt, giving your four-legged friends the necessary vaccines and regular shots will protect them against infections and diseases. As a result, we advise you to keep track of that. 

Diagnosis Services

Our veterinarians keep themselves up-to-date with Dr. Jeffrey Stupine’s research results to match the quality of world of animals Inc. in the center city as well as the University of Pennsylvania.

For the best health care, we advise you not to wait until your little-ones are sick. Give our doctors a call to schedule an appointment for any regular examinations and any necessary blood work. In addition, Behavioral therapy is a necessary thing for your four-legged friends if they start showing some wired behaviors. Indeed, pet health is a comprehensive thing that includes many elements like nutrition, training, therapy, etc. So, you can use our answering service or email address to describe the wired behavior and our veterinary hospital will be happy to help get your pets back on track.

Pet Treatment

We are keen to make our emergency vet clinics at the same level quality as per the standards we learn from the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Jeffrey Stupine and world of animals Inc.

Also, our veterinary services will do any kind of treatments to make your little-ones feel well again. Infections and diseases are very common when it comes to animals. We provide the prescriptions and follow up with you. And to offer our patients the best experience, we expanded our services to include acupuncture,  wellness, dental care, flea and tick control. We also do Heart-worm Testing, Prevention and Treatment. Additionally, we have been very successful in resolving other health conditions like litter box issues, microchip insertion, neutering and spaying as well as preventative care.

Emergency Veterinarian Services

Fractures Care

We employ veterinarians and staff that have worked before with world of animals Inc and George Washington University. So our veterinary specialty as well as the used veterinary medicine is of a top quality.

Fractures treatment in a cat or dog has been our specialty for a long-time. We have x rays rooms and all what we need under one roof. Also, we follow up with you to make sure that the injury is healing properly. 

Wound Handling​

Call the customer service of our emergency center in northeast Philadelphia to schedule a vet appointment. In northeast Philadelphia, we offer veterinary medicine and pet care that match the level of the George Washington University.

In all reality, our licensed cat doctor and all the team keep themselves up-to-date with the most recent veterinary medicine methods. As a natural result, we handle our patients with the best care.

To conclude, a veterinarian servicing pets considers them like family members. Our vet clinics in Philadelphia, PA take the time to stabilize your pet and determine what the next steps should be. Stabilizing them is our number one concern when you enter our office. Once that is complete, we can go over your options and treatment plans. And once done, we will let you decide what the next steps might be. While this typically isn’t something that is planned, we understand that you need a moment to think about the best move for your pets.

It is okay, as long as the pet is stabilized to take the minute. This is a scary time in life and not one that you should make a knee jerk decision on. Keep in mind that some of these services can get very costly. While other options are more affordable. So, it is entirely up to you and what you think is best for your current situation. In the meantime our veterinary care covers the following area.

Our Coverage

We offer these specific services for our clients in the city of Philadelphia and the surrounding cities as well like Morton; West Norriton; and Worcester. In addition, our team is reachable in the following counties like Philadelphia County, Delaware County, and Montgomery County. So, we are there when you need us in the following zip codes:

  • 19019
  • 19101
  • 19102
  • 19103
  • 19104
  • 19105
  • 19106
  • 19107
  • 19108
  • 19109
  • 19110
  • 19111
  • 19112
  • 19114
  • 19115
  • 19116
  • 19118
  • 19119
  • 19120
  • 19121
  • 19122
  • 19123
  • 19124
  • 19125
  • 19126
  • 19127
  • 19128
  • 19129
  • 19130
  • 19131
  • 19132
  • 19133
  • 19134
  • 19135
  • 19136
  • 19137
  • 19138
  • 19139
  • 19140
  • 19141
  • 19142
  • 19143
  • 19144
  • 19145
  • 19146
  • 19147
  • 19148
  • 19070
  • 19401
  • 19403

Our Animal Hospital in Philadelphia

Heaven 4ur Pet Pennsylvania is located on 3642 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19140, United States. For more information about the review of our excellent care services, you can call us at (267) 581-9506. Or you can also find us on Facebook. Our animal hospital has the following hours of operation:

  • Mon-Fri : 7:00 to 22:00 (EST)
  • Sat, Sun : 8:00 to 21:00 (EST)

As we mentioned earlier, we are keen to offer our clients the best experience. So, recently, our vet hospital services have expanded to a new location in:

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About Philadelphia

Also known as Philly, it is the number one and largest city in the state of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia has a population close to 1, 584, 064. The city is also a cultural and economic center in Delaware valley at the north Megalopolis. This town is attractive. And, most importantly, its history is more memorable. The large population makes it the sixth-largest city in the United States. Despite its infrastructure, it has a great climate. There are also great places that you will have a great time once you visit the city. So, use our contact details to schedule an appointment and meet our vets in Philadelphia.

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