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Our pricing is that of what you would expect to pay on the national average. We take great care and pride in our services and it shows. We have worked with various people and pets for many years. In all reality, our goal is to make you walk away with the best impression. Unlike a lot of animal care centers, it is not our intention to burn a hole into your pocket. Here are some of the pricing for our pets care services. These prices are standard pricing.  For more accurate pricing, give us a call.

Cost of Pets Medication and Health Insurance

  • Veterinary Services

All pets should have an annual check-up to ensure they are healthy inside and out. We offer these annual check-ups for $200-$400 on average for a dog and $90-$100 for a cat. This will include any shots that they need to be updated as well as a physical exam. If there are further tests, medications, or special foods recommended, those are extra. You can check our veterinary care center for what we offer there.

  • Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is there to help cover the costs should your pet get sick or break a bone. Some people choose to have pet insurance on their pets and others do not. This personal decision could cost you about $30-$50 per month.

Our Pricing

Affordability of Grooming Services

  • Pet Grooming

Our Pet grooming services are perfect for pampering your long-haired friends of getting your dog a simple bath. We offer pet grooming services of all kinds and they cost around $30-$90.

  • Mobile Pet Grooming

Does your pet not travel well? We have a solution for you! We work with clients by bringing our pet grooming to you with our mobile pet grooming solution. This simple service costs about $50-$90 depending on the needs of your pet and size.


Daycare for pets is a very popular service. Most pets are stuck sitting around at home waiting for their owners to get home from work. However, pets daycare helps them to burn off a little energy and get out and have some fun with some friends. We offer pets daycare for about $15-$40. These prices may change without a notice. So please give us a call to check the most recent rates. In all cases, we offer affordable rates.


We all need Pet boarding from time to time. Pet boarding is there for those times when your pet needs a place to stay. If you are headed on vacation or having surgery, we can take care of your pet for you through our pet boarding services. These cost around $25 per day and $40 per night but do vary depending on the type of pet and its needs. We take every possible action to make sure that your little-ones are in good hands.

Pet Sitters

Having to leave your pet in a strange location is something that is very scary for some. If your pet would do better at home while you are gone, we offer pet sitters that will come to your home and let your pet out. Should you want them to stay in your home, we can arrange this as well for an additional cost. The base cost is $25/85 per night but of course, you can add other things on such as walks or trips to the dog park.


A pet trainer can be used to help train your pet for a variety of things. We have an in-house pet trainer that is ready to take on even the toughest challenges. This cost is about $50-$75/hour. Our trainers are licensed and will take the best care of your four-legged friends.


Do you simply need someone local to come and walk your pet a few times a day while you are out and about? Not a problem we offer this service as well. The cost of this service varies a bit from $30-$50 per walk. However, we can also offer you lower rates for shorter walks.


Pet hotels are a great option for leaving your pet as well. We offer pet hotel services that range from $40-$100. This is a far better experience for your pet as they get to have some fun activities included with their boarding options. We follow the best standards to ensure safety and comfort.