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What Should You Know About Pet Ownership in Pennsylvania?

Pet ownership in Pennsylvania is wonderful. They are our best friends, there when we need them and always offering love and support. However, there are laws and rules that everyone must follow. These are things such as getting your dog a license. Once the dog is 3 months of age it will have to register at the treasurer’s office. You are responsible for their vaccinations and especially rabies. You are to clean up after your little-one should they choose to go on public grounds or in someone else’s yard.

If you do not this is considered a nuisance violation and you will be fined. There are other nuisance violations such as habitual barking, yelping, howling by a dog. You cannot allow your animal to produce offensive odors or be unsanitary. It is illegal to abandon or to attempt to abandon any dog. Dogs must be on a leash or in control at all times and cannot go wandering about. The state of Pennsylvania does not allow exotics as pets.

These are things such as exotic wildlife, lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, wolves or cougars for obvious reasons. These sorts of pets are dangerous and should only be handled by the proper authorities. If you sell or give away more than 26 dogs in a calendar year you must have a kennel license. No dog under the age of 8 weeks is allowed to be sold across state lines unless it is going with its mother.

3 Tips to Find the best Pet Care Services!

When looking for proper pet care services, you need to keep a few things in mind. We understand that your animal is a family member and you want the very best for it. And, so do we, however, not all facilities and pet sitters are the same. We are professional service providers and have the proper insurance in place. This is the first thing that you should look for when hiring a service provider. Are they professional? Do they have the proper insurance in place in case something were to happen under their watch?

Commercial liability insurance is a real thing and it can cover should they break something while they are taking care f your four-legged friends. Be sure to ask about their insurance. There are basic certifications that can be taken to assist with that. These are found throughout the country in various forms. However, they basically show that your sitter knows what to do in the case of an emergency.

They will go over routine care and training on how to handle a domesticated animal. First Aid Knowledge for pets is offered through the red cross and other places. Be sure your service provider is certified to help in a time of need. Do not hire based on price alone. Price is a determining factor, but it is not the only factor. Your four-legged friend should be introduced to the care taker. You should do a brief interview and ensure you are comfortable with them. Both you and your animal need to feel comfortable ahead of time. And that is the first thing to consider when it comes to pet ownership in Pennsylvania.

Pet Ownership in Pennsylvania

About the State of Pennsylvania

It is one of the 50 states in the United States, located in the country’s Central Atlantic Region. Its official name is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The state, whose capital is Harrisburg, gave rise to the name of the Pennsylvanian geological period. PA is one of the most industrialized and urbanized states in the United States, having been one of the cradles of the Industrial Revolution in the country, which began in the mid-19th century. The state is a major producer of industrialized food products and chemicals and electronics in general. The state is the only supplier of anthracite in the United States, a type of very high-quality coal. In addition, the state is the largest producer of bituminous coal in the country.


Pennsylvania’s nickname, The Keystone State, matches well with the state’s geographic location. Keystone, in English, means “cornerstone”. Pennsylvania forms a geographical bridge between the states of the North and South America, and between the coastal plains of the Atlantic Ocean and the central regions of the country.

The state is bordered to the north and northeast by New York, to the southeast by New Jersey, to the south by Delaware, Maryland, and West Virginia, to the east by Ohio and at the northwest by Lake Erie. In fact, Pennsylvania is 255 km north-south and 455 km east-west. The state’s area is 119,283 km², of which 2,990 km² are bodies of water.

It is the 33rd largest American state in the country. The largest rivers that cross the state are the Allegheny, Monongahela, Ohio, and Delaware rivers. The state, due to the great presence of rivers, and the rugged terrain, has a large number of waterfalls, some of them up to 30 meters high. The state is the only one of the original 13 states that has no coastline with the Atlantic Ocean. Pay this state a visit and you will have a lot of fun exploring a lot of landmarks like The Amish Farm and House, Independence National Historical Park, and the State of Pennsylvania Monument.


Pennsylvania’s climate is temperate, with four distinct seasons, with hot summers, and long, cold winters. The proximity of large bodies of water in the northwest and southeast of the state makes these areas milder throughout the year, while the northeast and west of the state have the lowest temperatures in the entire state in winter.

The state’s average winter temperature is -3.3 ° C in the north of the state, -2.8 ° C in the northwest and 1 ° C in the southeast. In summer, the highest temperatures are recorded in the southeast of the state. The average summer temperature in the northwest is 21 ° C, 24 ° C in the southwest, and 25 ° C in the southeast.

The highest temperature ever recorded is 44 ° C, recorded on July 10, 1936, in Phoenixville; and the low temperature already registered in the state is -41 ° C, registered on January 5, 1904. Pennsylvania’s average annual rainfall rates are 104 inches. The highest averages are recorded in the metropolitan region of Pittsburgh and in the east of the state, where the average is 130 centimeters. The center-north and west of the state have the lowest average rainfall, just 98 centimeters. Average annual snowfall rates range from 50 centimeters to 230 centimeters.

Our Coverage in PA

Pet ownership in Pennsylvania has been very popular. And more and more people are interested in owning domesticated animals. With that, we conclude this subject about some characteristics of PA. We hope you have learned more about this state and its geographical and climatic characteristics. In the meantime, our services in PA are very popular in the following cities:

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