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What does our Rhawnhurst Animal Hospital Currently Offer?

Our Rhawnhurst veterinary clinic offers a full package of services. As a result, your pets will be happy and healthy again. Find below the answer to our question: What does our Rhawnhurst Animal Hospital Currently Offer?

  • Animal Surgery: Nobody wants to go through a surgery even when it comes to the pets and we always try to avoid it. But there are still times when it simply is necessary, like a biopsy, or a treatment after a bad accident or a lot of other instances when a surgery is unavoidable.

  • Cats and Dogs Vaccinations: Regular shots as well as vaccines are a vital part of your pet’s health, as they are helping to keep out the majority of diseases that could sometimes even be fatal. So, don’t miss the shots. In addition, our doctor patient relationship is great.

  • On-site Pets’ Diagnostics: The great benefit of our hospital is the build-in diagnostics lab. All of the tests that we make never leave our roof, so we always get the results as quickly as possible and accuracy is our top priority..

  • Bone Fracture Treatment: One of the worst results of having an accident is getting a bone fracture. It is painful and animals require very gentle handling while on the way to a clinic. We can fix any type of bone fractures in our own emergency department. We will prepare everything needed for the procedure if you will notify us before getting to the clinic.

  • Wound Care: First thing to do when treating a wound is a proper cleansing. So, the staff at our animal hospital will do that and everything else to care for the wound and then we’ll put a cone on the animal’s neck to prevent it from licking it.

Rhawnhurst animal hospital

Our Rhawnhurst Veterinary Clinic can Help with the Following:

  • In-house Vet Blood Tests: Our hospital offers an in house blood testing and we have all the equipment for that. Urine and blood tests are the most basic kind of diagnostics, and yet they are irreplaceable helpful.

  • Behavioral Counseling: If your dog acts aggressively or your cat always ruining the furniture you can get their behavior fixed in our hospital. We offer various behavior adjusting programs using our special techniques and medications. We can teach your dog to do various things.

  • Nutritional Counseling: Bring your pets to us if you are concerned about their nutrition. We will provide the necessary supplements for your pets to help them lose or gain weight. Check out our Rhawnhurst animal hospital for more info.

  • Spay and Neutering: If you do not want to breed your pets it is better to neuter them in order to keep their reproductive health in check. Also, unwanted pregnancies might lead to overpopulation in your local pet community.

  • Veterinary Dentist: Dental care, however trivial it might sound, is still very important. You can always bring your pets to us to take care of their teeth, or you can just buy the special toothbrushes and do it at home. These kinds of animals that require special treatment are rodents. Their teeth will constantly grow all their life, so in order to keep them at a healthy length you should put some chewable things in their cage. Our PA Hotline is (267)-581-9506 In fact, you can reach our Rhawnhurst veterinary clinic after hours and over the weekends.

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Basic Info about the Neighborhood

Rhawnhurst hood is a residential area found in Philadelphia, PA. The hood is located to the northeast side of Philadelphia. The hood was named after William and George Rhawn who were real estate developers in the United States. Since the hood is located in the city of Philadelphia, it is served by the ZIP code 19111 while the area code is 267. Restaurants in Rhawnhurst are in abundance and among them are the Dive Green, Roosevelt Inn, Lane Co Inc., and the Hub Motel Restaurants. In addition, you need to give our Rhawnhurst veterinary clinic a try.

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