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Heaven 4ur Pet helps Indiana pet owners with everything they need to make their domesticated animals happy and healthy. And here is a list of our services. The state has some pretty normal laws for the United States as far as pet rules. So, let’s take a minute and explore the rules to ensure everyone knows what to do. In the state of IN, all dogs must be registered. There are no tests required but you must have proof of their rabies vaccination. A cat, ferret or dog must be vaccinated at 3 months of age. For animals entering into the state, they must have this done 12 months to 36 months in advance.

No puppies under 8 weeks old are to leave the state unless they are transported with their mother. The state does not have statewide leash laws. However, it is recommended that anytime your domesticated animal is out and about to have it on a leash. You may trust your animal, but there are other animals out there that cannot be trusted. Having them on a leash makes it easier to get them to mind as well. Most cities and counties have their own ordinances on this. Most require you to have your little-one leashed even in their own yard. In all events, we recommend singing up for a health insurance.

3 Tips for the Best Pet Care in IN

Indiana Pet Owners

First, always put identification on your pet if it is going to leave the home. Domesticated animals such as dogs, cats, ferrets and other animals that roam freely in your home but could easily escape should have the appropriate collar as well as identification. Get a releasable collar for climbing pets. This style of collar releases to allow the animals to get free. This is important as cats like to climb trees and can hang themselves accidentally.

Second, control the population and get your four-legged friend spayed or neutered. It is easy for your pet to escape and many say, “It won’t happen” however, if there is a will there is a way. So, the safest way to ensure you do not have an accidental liter is to have your pet properly taken care of by a vet. The pet population in the United States is overwhelming and there are just not enough good homes for all the pets we have now. Protect your animal, as breeding can be very dangerous. In this context, you may consult our emergency veterinary services.

Third, pet-proof your home. This is a big one. You cannot expect your four-legged family member to understand that you did not put that delicious steak on the floor in the grocery pile and it was not for them. Be sure if you have a dog or cat that you burn candles in the sink or areas that are not going to bother, as they can easily knock it over and start a fire. If you have a chewer, put your shoes away in a closet or container they cannot get at. Indeed, our puppy daycare activities can give Indiana pet owners more information on that.

About the State of Indiana

Indiana is one of the 50 states in the United States, located in the country’s Northeast Region (Manufacturing Belt). It is a leader in the country’s agricultural and manufacturing industries and is also one of the most populous states in the United States. The State IN is mostly covered by plains. Much of the state has a little rugged terrain and fertile soil, which stimulated the practice of agriculture in the region.

The state is currently a major producer of wheat and corn in the United States. The word Indiana means “indigenous lands”. Its nickname is The Hoosier State. The inhabitants of the state are known nationally as Hoosiers. The origin of this cognomen is unknown, and there are several theories about it. One of these theories is that the word Hoosier comes from Samuel Hoosier, a businessman who used to hire employees from this state. Other theories attribute the word to local slang, possibly “husher” or “Hoozer”.


Indiana is limited to the north with Lake Michigan and the state of Michigan, to the east with the state of Ohio, to the southeast and the south with the state of Kentucky, and the west with the state of Illinois. With just over 94 thousand square kilometers, it is the 38th largest American state in the country. The Wabash River cuts through Indiana for about 650 km, cutting the state in a northeast-southwest direction. The Wabash River gave the state two state songs, On the Banks of the Wabash and Wabash Cannonball.

The Northeast region is primarily farmland, although the northwestern corner of the state – part of the Chicago metropolitan area (located in the neighboring state of Illinois) – is dominated primarily by urban communities. In this corner is Gary, which is effectively a suburb of Chicago, even though it is located in another state. The Kankakee River, which runs through northern part of the state, serves as a border between rural and suburban northern Indiana.

The south region is a mix of farms and forested areas. The Hoosier National Forest is a 200,000-acre nature reserve, located close to Bedford. The southern region generally contains more hills and geographic variations than the northern part. Forests cover a total of about one-sixth of the state.


The climate is temperate, with four distinct seasons, with hot summers, and cold winters. Year-round temperatures in Indiana drop as latitude increases – except in the northwestern corner of the state, where Lake Michigan’s presence makes the region’s average temperature slightly higher than in the rest of the north. state in winter. The weather in Indiana is relatively unstable, and the weather on any given day can change suddenly, especially in winter.

The main reason for this instability is the absence of geographic obstacles in and around the state, which allow the rapid movement of air currents from any direction throughout the state. Despite the unstable weather, you can enjoy your time there and explore a lot of landmarks and points of interest. If you are into sport, night life, romantic dates, you will still find something for you. A short-list of landmarks includes:

Our Service Areas in IN

Now you know a little more about the state, its history and its geographical and climatic characteristics. We hope that we have helped you to know a little more about this beautiful state. In the meantime, we happily serve our Indiana pet owners in the following locations:

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