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When looking for vet Bloomington IN you want only the best. After all, your four-legged friends are your family and we completely understand. That is why we offer the very best emergency veterinarian service in the area. Our dedicated staff is there for you and your domesticated animal when you need it most. If you are leaving on a trip or vacation and cannot take your pet along, we offer amazing boarding options.

We also have a great daycare program that will allow your pet to come and get out some of that energy they get from being stuck at home, while you are at work. They can come and make new friends of their own kind and we offer kennels as well. While there are here they can get groomed, see our doctors (if needed) and enjoy their time away. Our clinic is on staff and in the building should there be an accident or immediate need for help. So, call our Bloomington veterinary hospital for more information.

Our Emergency Veterinarian Services

Veterinarian care is important for the longevity of your animals. Here, at Heaven 4ur Pet Indiana, we have an on-staff who is happy to take a look. If you are looking for vaccinations, we can do those as well. In fact, we are a full-service Bloomington veterinary hospital. Taking care of your four-legged animals and their needs are important to us. If you have any medical concerns, you should make an appointment and get them checked out in our vet clinic.

Animal Surgery

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In practice, we equipped our veterinary hospital with all state-of-the-art equipment to be ready for all kinds of surgeries. Our doctors are experts in all kinds of operations like Surgical ACL Repair, Dental Surgery and cleaning, Skin Mass Removal, Cancer Surgeries, etc. 

Pet Diagnosis

If your little-ones need nail trims, use our contact information to call us and our veterinary hospital team will help you out.

In addition, our doctors have great expertise in doing Pet’s Diagnostic Testing for dogs and cats. These exams include but not limited to kidney, liver, pancreas, protein profile, RBC, WBC, Miscellaneous Chemistries, etc. Check our reviews to see how we handle our patients.

Pet Vaccines

With us, you won’t have an issue finding a parking lot. Our clients thanks us for taking the best care of them.

According to the Vaccination Guidelines for Dogs and Cats, you can see that giving your domesticated animals the vaccines and regular shots is the best guard against a lot of infections and diseases. That is our first advice to our clients. In all reality, our veterinary hospital offers all kinds of necessary shots.

Pet Treatment

Similar to Bloomingpaws, we take care of our clients like a family member. Email us a message with your needs and we will get you covered.

In fact, we do pet treatment against acne, glaucoma, heart-worm, itching, flea, leptospirosis and  many pathogenic bacteria to bring your cat, dog, or kitten back on their foot. Also, our veterinary hospital offers the best medicine. Call us to schedule an appointment

Wound Management

If your four-legged friends have an open wound, then you really need to give our Bloomington veterinary hospital a call. Our doctors take care of the whole process from A to Z. This starts by handling an open wound, dressings, healing and after-care  programs.  

Fractures Care

In our different locations, we provide our patients with wellness and proven medication procedures. Email us any questions you may have.

If your cat or dog got hit by a car, then call us immediately and reach out to the x-rays unit. Also, if your domesticated animal is suffering from a broken tail, our veterinary hospital will help through the entire process. In addition, you can rely on us with confident to heal your pets’ fractured limbs.

Behavioral Therapy

Our employees will provide you with a response to your questions and ensure that your four-legged friends are treated using high quality medication processes. Visit us for more information.

Similar to humans, animals can suffer from popular diseases like heart disease, cancer and mental health disorders. In this case, pet therapy is the ultimate solution and we have skilled staff who can really help with that. In addition, Animal-assisted therapy is a growing field that our veterinary hospital has been successfully employing for long years. Our package includes for example massages, laser therapy, anxiety treatment, etc. 

Other Services

pet care

We help your four-legged animals overcome other health conditions like foreign body ingestion, Poisoning, Cat Bite Abscesses, Eye Trauma, Cruciate Ligament Ruptures, Lameness/Back Trouble, Torn or Broken Nail, Heat Stroke/Dehydration. In addition, our veterinary care covers Routine checkups, Spay/neuter, Physical exams, Fecal exam, Heart-worm test, allergy testing and geriatric screening for cats and dogs.

Other Services at our Animal Hospital!

Heaven 4ur Pet offers dedicated services to the Bloomington area.  We have pet sitters that will come to your home and take care of your four-legged friends.  And, we offer grooming as well as wellness options.  You do not have to stay with in our facility during their grooming experience but can drop them off and pick them up, just let us know the time. If you have special requests, let our staff know and we will do our best to accommodate. Does your pet need medication? We can help with that as well.  We deal with pet owners as family members.

Pet bathing is quite a challenging task, but we are up for the challenge. In fact, some animals are simple to groom and bath, while others can be a super challenge. Whatever your pet is, we can get the job done. We work with various breeds of pets as well, and know and understand the proper cutting for that breed. However, if you have preferred way to have your pet cut, let us know and we will be happy to accommodate.

Area Served

Ultimately, our veterinary hospital is willing to provide the best pet care services to all its clients. Accordingly, we work day and night to expand our coverage. In the meantime, our area served is the following cities, county and zip codes. You can also call us and we will connect you to the best clinic in your area.

  • Bloomington
  • Monroe County

Meet our Veterinarians in Bloomington!

Heaven 4ur Pet Indiana is located on 4264 N Cypress Ln, Bloomington, IN 47404, USA. For more information about our excellent care services and the clients’ feedback, you can call us at (812) 269-1929. Or you can also find us on Facebook. Our animal hospital has the following hours of operation:

  • Mon-Fri : 7:00 to 22:00 (EST)
  • Sat, Sun : 8:00 to 21:00 (EST)

As we mentioned earlier, we are keen to offer our clients the best experience. So, recently, our locations have expanded to a new location in:

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About Bloomington

Bloomington is home to the Indiana Hoosiers. It is a college town that is rich with history and full of amazing restaurants. The campus is simply gorgeous and offers great spots to take pictures and use it as a backdrop. There are fun things to do in Bloomington such as the pottery house studio or watch the classic film in the Buskirk Chumley Theater. In July enjoy the Monroe County Fair or want to see something different? Go to the USA International harp competition. There is literally something going on all the time. Its population is 85k and has many local thriving businesses. And we are always there if you need us. So, feel free to check our FAQs post, or call us using our contact information with any questions about vet Bloomington IN.

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