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A vet/lab test lets you know more about your pet’s health. During the process, a nurse extracts and analyzes a blood sample. A lab test will often include a Complete Blood Count (CBC) and blood chemistry that analyzes chemical elements in the blood. In fact, a vet screen CBC does help in diagnosing your pet’s diseases very accurately. As a result, we provide the correct treatment program. So, if you are looking for a veterinary blood test near me, give us a call for a FREE quote. The hotline for Heaven 4ur Pet is +1 (888)-4930-979.

In addition, if you are looking for blood work from a veterinarian, there are a few factors to consider. First of all, check their online reviews about blood analysis and how often they do lab tests. Second, if you are looking for something specific, make sure that they have staff with experience on that. For example, not all animal hospitals offer veterinary chemistry panel. Third, it is needless to say that their veterinary laboratory testing must be accredited. Moreover, pet owners trust licensed staff. And that is understandable.

Finally, you should know that not all clinics do a comprehensive lab work. In fact, there are specific laboratory tests that you can find in specific animal hospitals. For example, not every facility offer red blood cell count analysis, or white blood cells diagnosis. As a result, if you pet is in a serious condition, e.g. collapse seizures or coma, you should make sure to pick the right place. 

FAQs about CBC Vet

In fact, knowledge is power when it comes to looking for veterinary blood tests. So, reach out to us with any questions on average cost for blood work for dogs, or cost of t4 blood test for cat. As a result, you know what it is coming. In addition, you can use our hotline to collect some info that you are interested in. For instance, we provide free info on topics like normal blood sugar for a cat, low blood sugar in kittens, and high blood sugar cats. In addition, you can consult us on topics like banfield blood test cost, or cat low blood sugar.

Blood testing helps detect illness in your pet before it gets any worse. With earlier detection, you can easily prevent or treat an illness. It is important to test your healthy pet during wellness visits to give your vet your pet’s normal baseline values to confirm in the future.

Just like humans, animal blood tests comprise several different tests. They include:

  1. A complete blood count CBC
  2. A blood chemistry panel

Having instant results is crucial as it makes it easier to commence immediate treatment. Blood testing takes a few minutes; they are cost-effective and can be the only way to save the life of your pet. Your vet will guide you on what needs to be done after the tests.

Hematology or complete blood count CBC gives general information on infections, hydration status, blood clots, anemia, and the ability of response in the immune system. Pets with fevers, weakness, vomiting, pale gums, loss of appetite, or diarrhea might have to undergo blood tests.

We do not advise to conduct a blood test on your own and later submit it to your veterinarian. Such duties are best left to the professionals because they understand exactly what needs to be done.

What does our Complete Blood Count (CBC) Include?

Indeed, a complete CBC for pets helps identify and quantify white blood cells, platelets, and red blood cells in the amount of sample blood. Specifically, CBC includes analyzing the condition of the cells, including the shape, health, and how they function. The information that your vet will get from the analysis is crucial in helping you learn more about your pet’s immune system.

A CBC is essential for pets that may experience symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, weakness, vomiting, loss of appetite, or pale gums. Before surgeries, a CBC can also detect bleeding disorders and any unseen abnormalities. Moreover, veterinary blood tests can also identify:

  • Electrolytes
  • Cholesterol
  • Glucose
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Endocrine Levels
  • Proteins

In reality, vets recommend doing a CBC during the following situations:

  • On the first vet clinic visit
  • During the semi-annual wellness exams
  • If your pet is not in a good health condition
  • When your pet is to start a new medication
  • During senior wellness examinations

At Heaven 4ur Pet, we offer a comprehensive veterinary laboratory testing. As a result, our clients do not have to drive back and forth between different facilitates. Specifically, you can check below other services we offer:

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Stool Test

blood test vet cost

Various tests are part and parcel of a good vet examination. When you bring your pet to us, our nurse will take the temperature and measure the breathing frequency. Later on, a basic stool testing takes place. A stool test is commonly known as a fecal test. However, most of the time many pet owners do not understand why it is necessary.

Fecal testing is an essential part of your pet’s annual check-up. Indeed, it helps your vet analyze any intestinal parasites or any other condition that can be dangerous to your pet’s well-being. In this light, we recommend doing a stool test once every 6 months. As a result, you can ensure that your dog is in good health and to determine if your pet has intestinal parasites such as hookworms, coccidian, giardia, roundworms, and whipworms.

Parasites are usually hidden from view because they live in your pet’s gastrointestinal tract. There are external parasites such as ticks and fleas which can easily be spotted. However, intestinal parasites can never be seen unless a fecal test is done.

Dog Blood Tests

CBC vet

A complete CBC test for dogs allows the veterinarian to get the necessary information about your dog’s health. Blood tests or a complete blood count CBC reveals your dog’s hydration status, blood clotting ability, anemia, immune system response, and infection. Dog blood tests are important for dogs that have symptoms like diarrhea, fever, pale gums, vomiting, or loss of appetite. So, our veterinary blood tests near me service offers:

  • Bun blood tests in dogs
  • 4dx dog blood tests
  • Anti mullerian hormone test dog
  • Blood tests for cushing’s disease in dogs
  • Blood titer test for dogs
  • Cheap blood work for dogs
  • Chem 10 blood tests for dogs
  • Chem 17 blood tests for dogs
  • Coagulation test dog

Fluid Analysis

CBC veterinary

A fluid is any form of liquid generated from the body and in the immune system. There are normal fluids while others are abnormal. In most cases, abnormal fluids are often caused by poor or abnormal functioning of the organs, infections, viruses, and cancer.

Anytime fluid is found in an abnormal place in any part of the body, an analysis of fluids is strongly recommended. The fluid analysis helps in finding the cause of fluid accumulation so that your vet can develop an appropriate treatment plan for your pet.

Urine Analysis

Vet Blood Test

A urine test or analysis, also known as urinalysis is an essential routine lab test that is performed by a veterinary. It helps identify and report the physical and chemical properties of urine and is considered part of the minimum database. A urine test provides the necessary information about systemic diseases such as hemolysis and liver failure.

Urinalysis is mainly used to analyze the health of kidneys and the urinary system in general but can also help reveal complications in other organs and diagnose metabolic diseases including diabetes mellitus.

Cat Blood Test

vet blood test cost

In fact, the lab will analyze particles of toxins such as chemicals during a cat blood test. When our vets detected deficiency in albumin levels, it might indicate a possible liver, kidney, or intestinal issue. For example, types of feline cat blood work include:

  • Complete blood count
  • Feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus
  • Total thyroid level
  • Blood serum chemistry

Senior Blood Panel-Cats

vet blood work cost

Senior blood panel examination involves a panel of laboratory examinations. Indeed, these  examinations help detect various diseases. As a result, this will help assess your cat’s liver function and kidney. In this context, we recommend conducting a senior blood panel cats test at least annually in cats that are between the ages of 7-10 years and over. In addition, our lab also offers:

  • Cat kidney blood tests
  • Low cost cat blood work

Blood Allergy Test

Veterinary Blood Test

Like humans, pets also experience allergies. They get severe skin itching and inflammation caused by allergens from food, irritating plants, summertime pollen and molds, humid temperatures, weeds, and other insects.

For example, these are common causes that might require blood allergy test for dogs. Once we determine the cause of the allergy, it allows for the possibility of treatment with drops or shots.

Senior Blood Work for Dogs

veterinary blood test near me

Senior blood work for dogs/ wellness testing for senior dogs helps evaluate liver and kidney function, as well as protein and antibody levels. Moreover, it helps evaluate your pet’s cholesterol, blood sugar, electrolytes, and more.

Moreover, it helps detect early or hidden diseases in dogs that might look healthy and monitor stable or ongoing health complications. So, call us for more info on our dog senior blood panel service.

PLT Blood Test in Dogs

veterinary chemistry panel

Platelet count (PLT) measures cells that form a blood clot. There are cases where your dog might have too many platelets in the bloodstream. As a result, this leads to altered blood flow or clot formation within the bloodstream. In this context, we recommend checking this article.

T4 Blood Test

vet screen CBC

This kind of test is also known as the thyroxine test, and it measures the levels of T4 hormones in the blood. Thyroid glands produce the T4 hormones which are essential in increasing numerous enzymes that produce energy for the entire system.

Other Related Services

Recently, we extended our veterinary blood tests near me package to include other CBC vet services. For example, our animal clinic offers blood gas analysis veterinary, dog blood tests liver enzymes, and dog blood test WBC high. Moreover, we proudly serve our clients with PCV blood tests in dogs, sdma blood tests in dogs, vet chroma progesterone test, and wellness blood tests for dogs.

Additionally, our clients recommend our dog pancreatitis blood test due to its high quality and low cost. Also, our heart-worm blood test cost is very affordable. As a result, more than 50% of our clients are returning ones. And the same applies to our cat blood test cost. Besides, our vets are licensed to provide the following vet services:

In fact, we are working hard to make our lab work reachable everywhere in the USA. This includes lab tests for white blood cell count, red blood cell count, and organ function electrolyte status. So, do not hesitate to call us even if you are looking for something specific. For example, we also serve clients who are looking to cure hydration status anemia infection in their pets.

In addition, we hire experts in analyzing blood chemistries across all USA clinics. As a result, we detect all diseases early enough. For instance, treating a kidney failure addison’s disease is way easier, if we detected it early enough. Needless to say that our services, in particular dog blood work, are affordable. In addition, our liver lab work won’t burn a hole into your pocket. So, if your pet is suffering from blood sugar elevated levels, give us a call right away. You won’t regret you did.

Besides, we are continuously adding new services to our laboratory tests. For instance, our branches in the following locations offer a cure program for all kidneys and infectious diseases. The last thing you want to happen is having a pet with kidney failure. Recently, we expanded our business in the  following cities:

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