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Veterinary Clinics in Solsberry, IN

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What do our Veterinary Clinics in Solsberry, IN Offer?

What do our veterinary clinics in Solsberry, IN Offer?

  • Vet Surgery: We do all it takes to avoid surgical interventions. In some cases, a cat may swallow a foreign material. Or your dog can get injured from a car accident. It’s hard to avoid surgery in such cases. This is where our staff comes in. Mass removal surgery, dental surgery, as well as C-section are examples of surgeries that can be carried out in our facilities. Ocular surgery, foreign body removal, and bladder stones removal are areas where surgeons were hired recently to handle.

  • Pets’ Vaccinations: Vaccines are paramount if you want to keep your pet safe and protected from the diseases. We offer a variety of vaccines to ensure pets are kept happy and healthy. In this regards, our licensed veterinarians recommend specific vaccines for dogs like rabies, distemper, Leptospirosis, Lyme, Bordetella, and canine influenza. Feline Rabies, Feline Distemper (FVRCP) and Feline Leukemia are vaccines recommended for cat owners.

  • Pets’ Diagnostics & Treatment: We have an inspection lab at our hospital that offers quick and accurate diagnostic results. Therefore, there is no need to refer you to an external lab to keep you waiting for results. Common inspections at our clinic include fecal exams, urinalysis, blood pressure monitoring, physical exam, ultrasound, routine check-ups, and ear checks. Besides, our vet services include Fructosamine test for cats and T4 analysis (Thyroid). Doctors experienced in veterinary endoscopy and electrocardiography were hired in 2015. We also care for sick and infected pets.

Veterinary Clinics in Solsberry, Indiana

Our Veterinarians can Also Help with:

  • Bone Fracture Treatment: A broken leg in a pet is painful. And we will help you with everything that is needed in this situation. Our emergency vet department is ready to receive your pet. All you need is to call us before you get to our vet clinic. Pets with a broken leg or tail should be handled with care.

  • Wound Repair and Management: Our veterinarians will treat and cover any wound on your pet. We also ensure the wound heals completely. To ensure the pet doesn’t lick the wound, we place a cone on its head. There are veterinarians experienced in healing and pain management. Extra treatment options including acupuncture and Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM) are offered by our staff after they follow up the healing process. We also provide you with extra wound bandages and dressings for any emergency cases. You never know the cause of the wound. Therefore, don’t treat open wounds yourself.

  • In-house Veterinary Blood Tests: Equipment needed for onsite blood testing is available in our animal hospital. In fact, this type of testing is irreplaceable in identifying various diseases. We have all the means of doing CBC veterinary in our lab. Examples of our veterinary blood tests are cat blood test, senior blood panel cats, cat kidney blood test, and blood allergy test for dogs. Also, our vets offer PLT blood tests in dogs, senior blood work for dogs, and anti-Mullerian hormone test dogs.

More Pet’s Care Services are now Available:

  • Behavioral Therapy: If you don’t like how your pet behaves or are scared by it, you need to address those problems immediately. Otherwise, their case might become worse over time. In this case, call our animal behavior therapy department. We apply various techniques to retrain your animal, which will help to correct its behavior. Again, our pet counseling services will help you locate an amazing cat counselor or dog counselor in your region. Also, we suggest checking our online reviews about pet behavior counseling and how our cat, or dog breeding help can make your life much easier.

  • Enough animal feeding makes pets happy and healthy. Sadly, some pet owners overlook this fact and feed their pets whatever they get at home. Other pet owners do not pay attention to the food’s quality. As a result, they will have to deal with unhealthy pets in the best case. To some extent, pets may become aggressive.

  • Spay and Neutering Services: There are multiple reasons for pet neutering. So, this is a good way to control breeding. We have no pet limitation in matters concerning neutering and spaying. Call our veterinary clinics in Solsberry, IN. Our Hotline is (812) 269-1929.

  • Vet Dentist: We offer pet dental care services to ensure your pet’s teeth are maintained. There are special toothbrushes for cats or dogs. We also provide chewable for caged rodents. Ensure chewables are available to prevent long teeth in rodents. Our dental cleaning and polishing services are very affordable. Plan for a pet dental exam by contacting us.

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Solsberry, IN:

This is a township and unincorporated community found in Beech Creek, Indiana, in the County of Greene. According to research, the community might have gotten its name from the name Salisbury, an England name. There is a post office in the area which has operated since 1851. However, the natives argue that the community’s name originated from an early settler called Solomon Wilkerson, whose responsibility was planning the town. His body lies in the town’s cemetery. On the map, coordinates to Solsberry are 39 05’00N 86 45’22″W, and the ZIP code is 47459. The region has an elevation of 778 feet.

Points of Interest:

  • Kids play gym

This is a locally owned and inclusive play gym that is acceptable for children who are less than ten years. The gym is equipped with a climbing wall, a zip line, a sensory room, a ball pit, a trampoline, and a water table room, to mention but a few. Entrance for adults is free. With all the equipment, you are assured that once you take your child down to this gym, he or she will have an amazing time. The place is ever clean for healthy purposes. Moreover, it allows the children to interact in a healthy and fun social setting essential for mental development. Its address is 2010 S Yost Ave, Bloomington, IN 47403, USA.

  • Shawnee Summer Theatre

This theatre house is considered the oldest and ever running summer stock theatre. The theatre opened its doors in 1960, and ever since, guests from different parts of the world have been entertained here. Also, it has hosted many shows, which made it a tradition in Indiana. In case you need a place to spend some quality time off, this is the place for you. They have a catchy cast that will drive away all your worries. Don’t wait; drive down to 616 E Furnace Rd, Bloomfield, IN 47424, USA, and have the most fun moments of your life.

Top sights in Solsberry, Indiana:

Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum
Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum
Dilcher-Turner Canyon Forest
Dilcher-Turner Canyon Forest
Canyon Forest Nature Preserve
Canyon Forest Nature Preserve

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