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Our Staff Takes the Best Care of Your Four-Legged Friends!

Our staff at Heaven 4ur Pet owns pets themselves and know exactly how to handle yours. And that is exactly what you need to consider. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We designed our services to make your little ones (cats, dogs, etc.) happy and healthy again. In all reality, when you are leaving a family member at a pet hotel or pet daycare you want to know that you can trust with your baby. Indeed, we all love our babies and want only the best for them. Here are some of our lovely staff members:

Our Staff - Owner
Jeff Straight, Owner

Jeff isn’t always here as he has other operations that he owns as well. But, he is the owner of Heaven 4ur Pet. He is a licensed Veterinarian and loves all animals. Jeff is married and has 3 beautiful daughters that he loves to teach the love of animals too. Sometimes the girls will come in and help give the animals in our care a little extra love and attention. For sure the animals love this as much as the girls. In all reality, Jeff is a very ambitious business owner and plans to take this business to the next next level in the coming years.

Katie Fleshing
Katie Fleshing, Office Manager

Katie is a wonderful person and so very caring. When you call the office you might not speak to Katie directly, as she has a lot of managing to do to keep our operations in working order. We love Katie and her skills to get the job done in a very organized fashion. This can be pretty crazy some days. Katie is a mom of 2 teenage sons and a middle school daughter. She has her hands full when she is at home and welcomes the break by managing our fur pet business. Katie herself owns pets at home.

Meet Our Lead Veterinarians and Pet Specialists

Anna Manning
Anna Manning, Lead Veterinarian

Anna graduated veterinarian school back in 2005. With her experience both at work and at home, she has had lots of practice working with animals of all types. Since 2015 she has been successfully leading our veterinary care center. We work mostly with dogs and cats in our hotel and daycare however, Anna is qualified to work on all small pets. If you have a rabbit or other small furry friend, Anna is here to help. She has her own large dog pack at home that she calls her “dog babies”. In addition, Anna has been successfully leading our licensed vets and make sure that everything is working as per the international standards that have been provided by the AAHA. With Anna and her great team, you little puppies will be in good hands.

Roger Fisher
Roger Fisher, Pet Specialist
Kim Snyder
Kim Snyder, Pet Specialist
April Sinfield
April Sinfield, Pet Specialist

Roger is our pet specialist that joined our team back in 2016 because he has a real love for animals. Roger is also attending college, which means that our schedules work well together. We have a lot of duties to do around the clock and Roger is great at keeping things going in the right direction. He is single ladies, in case you were wondering. But that gives him more time for your four-legged friends. In practice, if you need any kind of grooming services or spa-like treatment, Roger will be your guy. 

Kim is a veterinarian assistant by degree. She works closely with our vet Anna as well as the other pet specialists to ensure all the pets are put into the system properly and are cared for as they should be. We take special pride in our pet services and Kim is one that does that above and beyond. Kim is a wonderful young lady who aspires to become a vet one day. She does take college courses and enjoys time with her boyfriend Matt and their 3 cats. When it comes to puppy daycare activities, she is your contact person.

April was actually adopted and takes great pride in not only working here but also with foster children. You will not find someone with a bigger heart for animals as well as children. She has a kind heart and loving soul that shines through her beautiful smile. She also has her vet tech degree and works closely with Anna when needed. April is our go-to for pet boarding and when the pets are having a rough time as we feel she is an animal whisperer. They seem to gravitate toward her and can feel her love and kindness naturally.

What Makes Our Team a Unique One?

In all reality, we are proud of our staff for a lot of reason. First and foremost, our employees have a passion for animals. This does not only include cats and dogs. Instead, it goes beyond that to include all domesticated animals. And, in our experience, it makes a huge difference to have someone taking care of your four-legged friend just for the sake of the money. Or, you have a caretaker who is passionate about he or she is doing. Second, almost all our employees have pets at home. So they know what they are doing. In addition, we let only licensed and well-trained people take care of your little ones. Finally, transparency is something that our employees have on mind all the time. They will walk you through different options to suit your animal’s needs and budget.