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On finding the best Houston veterinarian, Heaven 4ur Pet Texas should be your first choice. We are a team of experts that are dedicated to providing pets with a safe and comfortable place to come for various treatment options. So, we work with our clients and their pets to improve the health of their pets as well as offer suggestions that would improve their life overall as well. Our approach is a very gentle approach as we do understand that the vet office is not most pet’s favorite places. Specifically, when it comes to your pet, you know them better than we do. If they are acting strange or you feel that there is something wrong, you should inform us. We can run all the tests in the world but without information on where to start, it is a guessing game.

For example, if you see that your pet is drinking more than normal, this could be a sign of diabetes, kidney issues, crystals in their bladder, or other medical issues. However, we are not going to seek out the issue if we aren’t told about this. Watch the behavior of your pet and the type of pet too. Small rodents for example are prey animals and will hide their injuries and disease until the very last minute. If you have a prey animal pet and notice that it is looking sickly, you need to get them to the vet ASAP. They typically do not show there is something wrong until it is too late. And, in case of any difficulties, you can hire our mobile vet clinic services.

Our Vets Treat All Kinds of Animals!

Most people think of their pets as family and we do too. We want what is best for your pet. Sometimes that means it is time for their journey over the rainbow bridge. Here, our vet hospital can certainly assist gently with this. We understand this is a very difficult decision and time in your life. We are here for both healthy pets as well as the old and very sick pets.

Dogs, cats, rodents, and lizards as well as farm animals are pets that we have treated in the past. We take pride in understanding the various anatomies of the various animals to better serve our clients’ needs. Our extensive knowledge of the various animals helps us understand why there might be a behavior change. As a result, we can employ the right professionals like an exotic vet, or a reptile vet. For example, cats are prone to crystals in their urine. When this happens, they sometimes associate the pain with the litter box. So, behavioral experts can assist you in retraining your cat to use the litter box properly.

Our Houston veterinarian can help diagnose and treat the crystals. This is just one reason why a cat stopped using its litter box, there are many more. Sometimes it is a behavioral thing, such as males like to mark their territory. This will need to be corrected gently to ensure that the cat will learn that it is not okay to spray things. If you have a pet with an acute issue or simply want to have your pet looked at for a check-up, we can help. Our animal emergency clinic in Houston works with 1000s of clients that trust us with their pet’s care. We take the time to do a full examination to ensure that your pet is both happy and healthy. Pets are a lot of work, but they bring a lot of rewards as well.

Our Pet Clinics Stand Out

We have many years of training and experience. Yet, our staff continue their education as much as they can. The techniques and ways to do things are always evolving and we feel that it is important to fully understand the best methods possible. We also have state of the art equipment and everything is done digitally. This allows us to analyze the testing properly using a computer.

In addition, this allows us to share documents with you, should you need copies or a second opinion. We understand that your pet is family and value your decisions. We offer emergency as well as wellness care for your pet. While owning a pet is super rewarding, it does come with some responsibility. If you have a dog, for example, they need to come to see us once a year. This may be more frequent if your dog has special needs. We want all pets to be cared for properly and will tell you when and how often you should bring your pet in to see us. Let’s take some time to talk about the various services that we offer. This list is not exclusive as there are lots of services offered.

What Does Our Veterinary Clinic Offer?

Indeed, our affordable pet clinic offers many different types of vet services which we will be going over in more detail a bit later. If you recently became a pet owner, welcome! Owning a pet is a huge but very rewarding experience. We work with pet owners to help them fully understand how to care for their pets. Our team of experts is dedicated to giving your pet the very best vet care possible.

While we love pets, we don’t know them as well as their owners and rely heavily on what you tell us. If you see that your pet is acting different and feels there is something wrong give us a call. We would be happy to take a look and do some testing if needed. Most of our testing is done right here in house, so we get the answers we need quickly, without waiting.

Our veterinary hospital hires only certified and licensed Houston Veterinarian

Vet surgery is avoided when possible. However, if your dog has chewed up the kitchen towel and isn’t passing it, this could be that it is time for surgery. Surgery is also an option should there be an accident or maybe your pet needs a biopsy.

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Pets’ vaccinations are critical to keeping your pet happy and healthy. In fact, our Houston veterinary services include  various vaccinations depending on the type of pet that you own. Call today if you don’t know if your pet has been vaccinated.

animal diagnostic lab

On-site diagnostics assist us with getting the information that we need quickly and accurately. There isn’t a need to wait for them to be sent out and the results to come back. We do that all for you right here under the same roof. As a result, our veterinarians can provide the clients with the lab results quickly and accurately. Afterwards, our clinic team can will follow up with you to make sure that your pet health is progressing.

veterinary specialists Houston

Accidents happen, sometimes resulting in fractures. Fractures can be very painful, so please be careful when handling an animal that has a broken leg or tail. They may snap more easily. When you think that your pet has a fracture, give us a call on your way to the office. This will allow us to prepare for your arrival. Most of the time fracture treatment is done in our emergency vet department.

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Wounds need to be properly cleaned out and fixed up to go home. Many times the animals want to continue to lick the wound, however, to prevent that we will give you a cone or a ring around their neck. This keeps them from being able to reach it. They typically don’t like this ring or cone but it does not harm them at all. From stitches to simple wounds that need to be cleaned and bandaged, we assist in all types of wound repair.

blood test at vets cost

We have the proper equipment to offer our blood testing in house. This sort of testing can be very helpful in the diagnosis of various diseases. From testing blood to urine we have the capabilities of doing the testing right here in our own lab. As a result, this saves both time and money. In addition, it helps us have a better and clearer understanding of what is going on and how to assist. Finally, we can email you the results to save time.

Houston pet hospital

At times our pets have behavioral problems that need to be addressed. These problems can be overwhelming for the owners, however, don’t give up. There are many techniques that we can use to retrain the pet to do different things. There are also medications that can assist with behavioral therapy. If your dog has anxiety issues or a fear of things such as fireworks, give us a call.

animal emergency

Recently, we added nutritional therapy to our care program. Indeed, animal feeding is critical. Apart from other decisions you make for your pet, nutrition is core. As a result, our team can help you with great puppy feeding tips. As a result, your puppy will be happy and healthy. So, take this aspect seriously to avoid surgical complications in the future. 

affordable cat spay

Always get your pets spayed and neutered, especially cats and dogs. While other small animals need to just be kept in cages with like genders. This assures that you will not overpopulating the pet community. We offer spay and neutering services for many different kinds of pets, but cats and dogs are the most common. However, our emergency vets in Houston are experienced in all kinds of animals. Finally, post the surgical operation, we can offer your pets a wellness program to relax.

affordable dog dentist

Pet dental care is very important. They have teeth that need cleaning too. Many times as the pet gets older they will need to have some teeth extracted. You can care for your pets’ teeth at home by brushing them. They have dog and cat toothbrushes that go on your finger. If you have rodents, you need to ensure their teeth don’t get too long. Always have things in their cages to chew on. A rodent’s teeth are always growing so they need to be constantly chewing on something.

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Locations for Veterinary Care

Heaven 4ur Pet owner is working day and night to increase the coverage area of its animal hospital. Your four-legged friends are like a family member and you you want to regularly check on them. So, if you call in to schedule an appointment, we do not want you to travel a lot. And that is why we are working very hard to expand our coverage area to serve our patients quickly. As a result, we expand our partnership to work with the big names in the city like community animal hospital and Yorkshire animal hospital. In the meantime, our service area to provide medical advice with/without appointments covers the following Neighborhoods, cities and counties zip codes:

  • 77001
  • 77002
  • 77003
  • 77004
  • 77005
  • 77006
  • 77007
  • 77008
  • 77009
  • 77010
  • 77011
  • 77012
  • 77013
  • 77014
  • 77015
  • 77016
  • 77017
  • 77018
  • 77019
  • 77020
  • 77021
  • 77022
  • 77023
  • 77024
  • 77025
  • 77026
  • 77027
  • 77028
  • 77029
  • 77030
  • 77031
  • 77032
  • 77033
  • 77034
  • 77035
  • 77036
  • 77037
  • 77038
  • 77039
  • 77040
  • 77041
  • 77042
  • 77043
  • 77044
  • 77045
  • 77046
  • 77047
  • 77048
  • 77049
  • 77050
  • 77051
  • 77052
  • 77053
  • 77054
  • 77055
  • 77056
  • 77057
  • 77058
  • 77059
  • 77060
  • 77061
  • 77062
  • 77063
  • 77064
  • 77065
  • 77066
  • 77067
  • 77068
  • 77069
  • 77070
  • 77071
  • 77072
  • 77073
  • 77074
  • 77075
  • 77076
  • 77077
  • 77078
  • 77079
  • 77080
  • 77081
  • 77082
  • 77083
  • 77084
  • 77085
  • 77086
  • 77087
  • 77088
  • 77089
  • 77090
  • 77091
  • 77092
  • 77093
  • 77094
  • 77095
  • 77096
  • 77098
  • 77099
  • 77201
  • 77202
  • 77203
  • 77204
  • 77205
  • 77206
  • 77207
  • 77208
  • 77209
  • 77210
  • 77212
  • 77213
  • 77215
  • 77216
  • 77217
  • 77218
  • 77219
  • 77220
  • 77221
  • 77222
  • 77223
  • 77224
  • 77225
  • 77226
  • 77227
  • 77228
  • 77229
  • 77230
  • 77231
  • 77233
  • 77234
  • 77235
  • 77236
  • 77237
  • 77238
  • 77240
  • 77241
  • 77242
  • 77243
  • 77244
  • 77245
  • 77248
  • 77249
  • 77251
  • 77252
  • 77253
  • 77254
  • 77255
  • 77256
  • 77257
  • 77258
  • 77259
  • 77261
  • 77262
  • 77263
  • 77265
  • 77266
  • 77267
  • 77268
  • 77269
  • 77270
  • 77271
  • 77272
  • 77273
  • 77274
  • 77275
  • 77277
  • 77279
  • 77280
  • 77282
  • 77284
  • 77287
  • 77288
  • 77289
  • 77290
  • 77291
  • 77292
  • 77293
  • 77297
  • 77299

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Heaven 4ur Pet Texas is located on 2123 Louisiana St, Houston, TX 77002. For more information about our excellent care services, you can call us at +1 (346)-699-3214. Or you can also find us on Facebook and check our reviews. Our animal hospital has the following business hours of operation:

  • Mon-Fri : 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM (EST)
  • Sat, Sun : 8:00 AM to 09:00 PM (EST)

As we mentioned earlier, we are keen to offer our clients the best experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

 You can easily kill bacteria and give your dog fresher smelling breath by adding a few drops of lemon juice to your dog’s water bowl. Giving carrots to chew, adding coconut oil, and adding mint and apple cider vinegar can help a lot.

 Euthanizing your dog or cremation is affordable and practical. The average cost of dog euthanasia is between $50 and $300. But it also can vary according to the options you go for. However, you talk to our emergency vet York PA team for affordable options.

Usually, cold coughs go on their own if it is on a mild stage. If it turns into an infection like kennel cough then it needs treatment protocol such as rest, antibiotics, fluids, and anti suppressant. However, make sure to take your dog home if it resides in animal shelters.

A pet CT scan takes about 45 minutes to an hour to complete, not including anesthesia, and costs between $1,500 and $2,000. CT scans have no harmful effects on pets because they only need more than 1-2 in their lifetime.

A dog will not die for a broken leg, but if the fracture is open and the bleeding does not stop, it can fall into death for excessive bleeding. So, you must be careful of bleeding. Also if the leg is not fixed properly, they feel pain every time they walk or run. So, we must be serious about the broken bone of the dogs.

People also Ask

It is very important to keep the wound and surrounds of the wound clean. Remove the crusty or sticky debris. Keep the wound edge clean to get rid of further infection and re-growth of the damaged tissues. Reach out to our veterinary practice. And our emergency vet York PA team will assist you.

 The cost of a dog behaviourist may vary, taking into account many factors. The age of the dog, the place of consultation, and the number of queries hired. A first consultation can cost between $30 and $60, while a training package can cost $150 at least.

 If your dog has nutrition issues you should seek help from a board-certified veterinary nutritionist. Ask your veterinary doctor if there are any board-certified veterinary nutritionists nearby. Or ask him to find one that can help your pet.

 Restrict your puppy’s activity for 24 hours, keeping it away from other animals, children, and other environmental stressors. Put your puppy in a dog drawer or small room, making sure it cannot jump, run, climb, or play. Let your puppy sleep as much as she wants for the first few hours after surgery.

Even if your dog is healthy, blood and urine tests could still be exceedingly useful tools to check the overall well-being of the pet. The blood works could be expensive, but with their help, a vet can determine if your dog is diabetic, has any kind of infection, or kidney or liver disease. For more info about emergency vet York PA, call us. In fact, our referral center adheres to the VCA standards at Veterinary Centers of America Inc.

About the City of Houston!

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States and the largest in Texas. Located in Southeast Texas, it is the center of the Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land metropolitan statistical area. As of 2017, the city had 236,610 residents. With a total of 2.29 million people and an urban population of over 6 million, Houston is the largest city in South America, North America, and the Caribbean. It is home to the headquarters of Fortune 500 companies such as Anaconda Company (the world’s fifth largest global manufacturer of steel), Bunge Limited (the world’s third largest agricultural products company), and Egas Ltee (a provider of natural gas to residential and commercial markets).

Houston was named by settlers from a variety of sources, including many German families along with Scottish, Irish, English and African Americans who settled from various parts of the South. It has more than 3 million residents today. The Greater Houston Area has a population exceeding 6 million people as well as a broad economic base that includes industrial manufacturers, energy production companies, healthcare and education providers as well as financial services firms. There are also several large research parks near Houston for advanced manufacturing industries that attract biotechnology firms, among them is the University of Houston.

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