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Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is Pennsylvania’s largest city. Despite being a city, it is also a port that is dotted with many outdoor cafes. There are a lot of awesome things you can do once in Philadelphia. The city of history is known to be the birthplace of freedom since America’s freedom story was created in this wonderful city. Philly is also the first capital of the USA, and it is where historic sites like the Independence Hall and Liberty Bell Pavilion are located. In Philly, you will also find the Valley Forge National Park, which sits on a 2700 acre piece of land. The city of Philly was founded in 1682, and according to the 2019 statistics, the city had a total population of 1.57 million people.

Located in the heart of Philly is the Liberty Bell. This historical monument was opened in 1753, and the bell located at this point weighs almost 2,080 pounds. Whitechapel Bell Foundry designed it, and it is made from zinc, copper, arsenic, lead, silver, and gold. The Liberty Bell stands 1.2 meters high, and it was initially called the Old State House Bell or State House Bell. The Liberty Bell symbolizes American independence, and it was once located near the Pennsylvania State House, which was renamed the Independence Hall. The coordinates to the liberty bell are 39 56’58″N 75 9’1″W. The bell has a crack which happened in the 19th century after the death of CJ John Marshall. The bell is located at 526 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA.

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Liberty Bell in Philadelphia

You will be quite thrilled upon seeing this masterpiece of history. However, it could help if you knew that there are strict security measures as you enter the building. Entry to the historical site is free, but there is a limit because of the pandemic. A helpful guide has more history concerning the site, which makes things a little bit different than what you expected. However, the place is worth the visit. The bell is scripted with information reading, “PROCLAIMLIBERTY THROUGHT ALL THE LAND UNTO ALL THE INHABITANTS THEREOF LEV. XXV. V X. BY ORDER OF THE ASSEMBLY OF THE PROVINCE OF PENNSYLVANIA FOR THE STATE HOUSE IN PHILADA PASS AND STOW PHILADA MDCCLIII.”

After American independence, the bell landed into a little obscurity not until in the early 1830s when it was adopted as a national symbol through the abolitionist societies. These societies are the ones that called it the Liberty Bell. The bell is also used as a symbol of unity among the Americans after the Civil War. At times the Liberty Bell could travel within the country to help heal the wounds of war.

Philadelphia is where the Liberty Bell Center is located, and it was opened in 2003. You can easily see the bell from the southern part of the city across the city’s streets. Every year, the bell is tapped gently to honor Martin Luther King Day. This ceremony was initiated in 1986 after Dr. King’s widow, Scott Coretta King, requested.

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This concludes our points of interest in Philadelphia. In all reality, the city has beautiful hotels, restaurants, attractions, museums, etc. We hope that you liked the places presented and that you were interested, we wish you a good trip to all who visit the place. The city is rich with a ton of businesses that make your life-style there super comfortable. And if you are into pets, you need to consult our vet Philadelphia.

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