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Philadelphia Zoo, PA

Philadelphia used to be home to Delaware Indians before the Europeans arrived. According to history, the Delaware Indians lived in Shackamaxon Village that was within the city. These Indians also placed themselves strategically along River Delaware, in the Lower Hudson Valley, and western Long Island. There is a major international airport in Philly known as Philadelphia International Airport.

According to statistics, Philadelphia is the sixth-famous city in The United States and the number one popular city in Pennsylvania. This mighty city is also considered a great cultural and economic center because of the great Delaware Valley. The coordinates of Philly are 39 57’10″N 75 09’49″W. Its area codes are 445, 215, and 267.

Philadelphia Zoo is the most famous zoo in Philly, located at 3400 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA. The zoo is found within the Centennial District of Philadelphia, and it is considered the first true zoo in the USA. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania chartered the zoo on 21st March 1859. However, its opening was delayed because of the civil war, thus pushing the opening date to 1st July 1874.

The zoo’s coordinates are 39 58’28.22” N 75 11’44.44” W. Philadelphia zoo covers a total area of 17 hectares, and it currently has a total of 1,300 animals. It is a never miss visit place in Philly.

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Philadelphia Zoo

Philadelphia zoo started operating with 1,000 animals, and back then, admission to the zoo was 25 cents. In such a short time, the zoo has managed to house animals brought in by Safari through the Smithsonian Institution, which is yet to build its zoo. The zoo offers special exhibits like the monkey junction, the rare animal conservation center, the PECO Primate Reserve, and the McNeil avian center with over three hundred and forty species.

There are many notable animals in the zoo, including Changbai, Kosaka, Gus, Terney, Stella, Petal ad Batu. With its rare, endangered, and indigenous species, the zoo is considered an education center. It is also built with a wheelchair-accessible entrance and car park. These designs give the physically challenged grace period to access the park.

Despite having many animals, there is also a very large dinosaur exhibit that makes the visit to the zoo even enjoyable. Additionally, the zoo is quite a nice place you can have a walk during the summer to escape the harsh sun radiations as you enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. You will surely love the indoor exhibit, which has amazing monkeys, an incredible reptile exhibit, and if you are a pet-loving person, you will have fun when you visit the petting zoo exhibit.

You can tell that the animals are well taken care of when you visit the zoo. This is because all animals in the zoo appear healthy. Additionally, the zoo’s environment is quite clean. Food sold at the zoo is amazing, and it is sold at a relatively low price. If you happen to visit the zoo on a hotter day, you could use the on-site wine and beer.

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This concludes our points of interest in Philadelphia. In all reality, the city has beautiful hotels, restaurants, attractions, museums, etc. We hope that you liked the places presented and that you were interested, we wish you a good trip to all who visit the place. The city is rich with a ton of businesses that make your life-style there super comfortable. And if you are into pets, you need to consult our Philadelphia veterinarian.

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