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Top Landmarks in Abbottstown, PA

  • Lat, Long: 39.885621, -76.986120

Abbottstown is a town in Adams County, Pennsylvania. The town is named after its founder, John Abbott. John Abbott founded it in 1753. It was incorporated as a borough in 1835. The John Abbott House, a historical site exhibiting the life of the town’s founder, was included in the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. As of the 2010 census, the population in the borough was 1,011, while the population in 1950 was 538. The borough spreads to 0.55 sq. miles, where all of it is land. The borough has an elevation of 564 feet above sea level. A rail service served the East Berlin Railroad from 1877 to 1914 and later from 1916 to 1939. Later on, the rail tracks were eradicated in 1940. The area uses the ZIP code 17301 and is served by area code 717.

Landmarks in Abbottstown, PA that worth your Time!

  • Dollar General
Dollar General
Dollar General
  • Address: 1044 Keystone Blvd, Pottsville, PA 17901, United States
  • Plus code: PMCJ+GX Pottsville, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Lat, Long: 40.721524167511404, -76.3176214175607

Dollar General is a warehouse located at Keystone Boulevard in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania. The destination extends quality warehouse services to the borough’s residents as it is the major facility in town. Dollar General also doubles up as a distribution center in the town. The warehouse prides itself on having the most active, lively, and dedicated staff. It is also open from 6 am until midday but doesn’t offer overnight parking services. Quality services guaranteed. Fast delivery services when you place an order.

  • Rutter’s #58
Rutter’s #58
Rutter’s #58
  • Address: 7680 Lincoln Hwy, Abbottstown, PA 17301, United States
  • Plus code: V2QF+9J Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Lat, Long: 39.88867334089555, -76.97597768875079

Rutter’s #58 is a gas station that doubles up as a convenience store located along Lincoln Highway in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania. It is stocked with both packaged and made-to-order meals. The convenience store operates through in-store shopping, while no deliveries are allowed. The main supplies are already prepared meals. The meals here include freshly made sandwiches, low-carb wraps, and pizza. The store also deals with selling essential commodities like milk and painkillers. Highly diverse menu to choose from. Quick service offered. A wonderful experience guaranteed. The main payment methods that the convenience store allows include Cheques, debit cards, NFC mobile payments, and SNAP/EBT. The convenience store in the town is one of many chains that Rutter’s #58 operates on. Each chain store has a wheelchair-accessible entrance, and many of them have Wi-Fi.

  • The Bridges Golf Club
The Bridges Golf Club, Guest Quarters, & Green Horizon Grill
The Bridges Golf Club
  • Address: 6729 York Rd, Abbottstown, PA 17301, United States
  • Plus code: VXGR+V7 Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Lat, Long: 39.87758478883206, -77.00948550778317

The Bridges Golf Club, Guest Quarters, & Green Horizon Grill is a 3-star hotel located along York Road in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania. A vast golf course is also included within the hotel. Free parking is offered, and you will also find the hotel ideal for a nice night experience. Quality services are guaranteed by some of the most dedicated hotel staff. The hotel has some of the most modern rooms that are finely appointed. A restaurant serving some of the best meals you will ever try out. The Green Horizon Grill serves some of the best-prepared dishes you should try out. Quality taste in grilled beef and other meat options. The menu also includes delicious and creative seafood options that are mouthwatering. The major cuisine at the restaurant is American and North American. The 3-star hotel is an idea for sightseeing as it has some of the best attractions. It is also a great recreation center considering the numerous fun activities and events. The hotel has a 72 golf course attracting game enthusiasts to enjoy a match. The golf course is a great sight and amazing to get around. Annual tournaments attract the largest crowds to the hotel. You can also engage in group play on the golf course if you wish. Other highlights include a quality pro shop and an excellent view of Adams County countryside. The hotel is family-friendly. It is ideal for you, your kids and even your friends. You can enjoy a bonding session at the hotel thanks to its diverse range of activities involved. Later on, you can grab a bite at the Green Horizon Grill within the hotel.

About York, PA

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