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Indiana State Museum

Indianapolis is the city trusted with most government services not to mention those of the county. The city was founded on January 6, 1821, and as time went by, the city got unified with its closest suburbs. When you put the consolidated city-county together with the state capital, Indy spans 367.97 square miles. The city’s population density is 2,423 persons per square mile. It could help if you knew that Indianapolis is rated the fifteenth largest city in the United States and has an elevation of 718 feet. The map coordinates to Indianapolis are 39 36’07”N 86 09’29”W. There are many places of interest in Indy that you should never miss visiting once in the city. Among them is the great Indiana State Museum.

The Indiana State Museum is a posh museum located at the heart of Indianapolis. Found in the White River State Park, the address to this museum is 650 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA. There are various departments in the museum, including English, Indiana Story Theatre, and Bonter. The museum is popular because it exhibits art, culture, science, and the history of Indy from prehistoric times to the present.

Indiana State Museum

The State's Largest IMAX Screen!

The State Museum of Indianapolis is the museum that is equipped with the state’s largest IMAX screen, a reason why many people are attracted to the site. The original collection of the museum was started in 1862 when the Civil War was still in course. It was begun by the State Librarian R. Deloss Brown, who started collecting minerals, among other curiosities that he kept in his cabinet. It was not until 1869 that the state confirmed the law that promoted collection and preservation of the Mineralogical and Geological cabinet related to its natural history.

It was also when the state-appointed a geologist to organize and label all the collection, which made the collector the first employee of what was expected to be the Indiana State Museum. Collection of natural history developed quickly beyond what was intended by the legislature initially. This is because thousands of cultural items were collected, and most of them bonded with the recent Civil War as some kept adding on. Within a short period, the collection turned out to be a museum of sorts with a hodge-podge of specimens and curiosities.

The Best Experience Ever

Since the museum was growing tremendously, there was the need for the management to look for a new place. When votes were carried out, the board members agreed to move to the White River State Park in 1984. However, it should be noted that it’s not until the 1990s when the Indiana General Assembly approved the funds responsible for the groundbreaking of ISM.

Upon visiting the museum, be assured that you will have the best experience ever. It is not strenuous to walk around the building. There are a lot of things on-site with which the kids can have fun with. You can also feel free to plan for a wedding or any festive activity within the museum since there are no strict rules attached to the same. So please make an effort and visit the museum today!

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