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Rabbit Vaccinations Cost:

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Rabbit vaccinations play a vital role in the health of your pet. All rabbits should be vaccinated against potent diseases like rabbit hemorrhagic disease that was previously known as rabbit calicivirus. The rabbit vaccinations are administered under 4 weeks of age and the vaccine will be repeated after 6 months that will help in the maintenance e of immunity of rabbits.

Through rabbit vaccinations the fewer chances of getting the high-risk diseases for rabbits. rabbit’s vaccine is used to protect them against Myxomatosis (R(V)HD) along with new strain R(V)HD. These diseases are lethal and can be caused severe effects on rabbits.

  • What vaccinations do rabbits need?

Vaccinations that protect rabbits from all severe are three. The first vaccine that can be administered annually that protect against myxomatosis R (V) HD1, R (V) HD2 is one dose that can be given to 5 weeks old rabbit. The new vaccine is not recommended if your rabbit has the first vaccine but talk to your Vet to schedule a vaccine for rabbits. For more info on rabbit vaccinations cost, visit our page about pets vaccinations.

  • How often do rabbits need to be vaccinated?

A single injection will be administered at age of 30 days. Because after administering injection immunity will be achieved so it lasts for the next 9 months. It is recommended to revaccinate after 9 months.

  • Do house rabbits need to be vaccinated?

Vets recommended vaccinations for in-house rabbits. Although they are less likely chances to get affected still vets recommended for protection against myxomatosis a fatal disease that can be easily spread by contacting insect bites, other pets, or even their owner’s shoes and clothes.

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  • Can rabbits react to injections?

Usually, the side effects are uncommon and not severe. You may notice after the vaccine the swelling and firm skin where the injection is administered that will be alright with time. It is just that. No more physical reactions are noted with this vaccine.

  • Can vaccinated rabbits get VHD?

Don’t worry, if VHD affects your rabbit after vaccine it is a preventable and treatable disease. Make sure to vaccine your rabbit against VHD. Bunnies are recommended to get a vaccine against VHD every year and for myxomatosis as well.

  • What does myxomatosis do to rabbits?

Myxomatosis effects very badly to the body of rabbits. the various parts of the body such as skin, eyes, lungs, liver, and genitals are more prone to get nasty infections after catching the myxomatosis.

  • Do indoor rabbits need vaccinations?

Yes, it is strictly recommended by vets to get the indoor rabbit’s proper vaccines to protect against myxomatosis. Since this is a deadly disease that can be spread from insect bites, other pets, or from owner’s shoes too. So it must be carefully administered.

  • Should I get my rabbit vaccinated?

Certainly, go and consult your vet and have a vaccine done against the fatal diseases that can effect homeowners too. So be careful and schedule your appointment with a vet. If your bunny at under age 5 weeks then it will be vaccinated and then after 9 months.

  • Can rabbits survive RHD2?

Unfortunately, there is no treatment of RHD2 if it effects any rabbits they would die. Only the rabbits with strong immunity would be able to fight with this RHD2. Usually effected rabbits are put on welfare grounds for protecting other rabbits from this disease.

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Rabbit Vaccinations Cost Pets at Home - FAQs

  • What does myxomatosis do to rabbits?

Myxomatosis is a deadly disease that can effect rabbits. It leaves an adverse effect on the skin such as skin, eyes, lungs, genitals, liver that make it easy to get other nasty infection on these parts.

  • Can a rabbit recover from myxomatosis?

Yes, it is possible to get recover from this disease, but it is a distressing disease that can kill the rabbit at any stage. Because the immune system, virulence, and temperament are included in the disease time. That can be badly affected and can cause death too.

  • Is myxomatosis painful for rabbits?

Myxomatosis effects on eyes, livers, lungs, mouth, and nose that can cause the inability to eat and see. That is even more painful that the rabbit is reaching slowly toward death point. This virus is transmitted by rabbits flea mostly in burrows.

  • How do I prevent myxomatosis in rabbits?

The protection of your bunny is only possible if you protect them from mosquito bites and fleas that are a carrier of the virus. The more they live in a house the more they will be safe. Keep your rabbits under a mosquito-proof wire net. Away from them from wild rabbits too.

  • What does calicivirus do to rabbits?

Calicivirus effects rabbits with signs and symptoms are as follows:

  1. Fever
  2. Restlessness
  3. Lethargy
  4. Poor appetite
  5. Nose bleeding
  6. Liver disease
Rabbit Vaccinations Cost
Rabbit Vaccinations Cost

Immunize Rabbit - People also Ask:

  • How much is it to vaccinate a rabbit?

The vet recommended keeping your rabbit’s immune system boost up. It is advised to get 6 monthly boosters rather you are indoor or outdoor.

  • How much does it cost to get your rabbit vaccinated?

It is noted that the average cost of rabbit vaccination is around $78 including a complete health check-up of bunnies. Teeth checkups, nails, ears, and eyes are in the fees.

  • What vaccinations do I need for my rabbit?

Vaccinations are used to protect against myxomatosis, a Rabit Haemorrhagic Disease, and a new strain of R (V) HD, R (V) HD2. The fetal and potent disease that can lead to death for rabbits.

  • Do I need to vaccinate my bunny?

Your bunny needs a vaccine too if they are 5 weeks of age to boost up their immune system and protect against the myxomatosis virus.

Related Info:

  • How often do I need to vaccinate my rabbit?

From 5 weeks age vaccine will be started and after that, a booster is required for every year till life. This vaccine is made to protect against rabbit viral diseases such as myxomatosis.

  • Do rabbits need a salt lick?

No, the rabbit doesn’t need to lick the salt, wood, or other objects. The only important food for rabbits is hay. They can only feed grass and hays.


Hopefully, this FAQ article will end up your search about rabbit vaccinations. You will get your desired answers here. Thanks for reading.

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