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All dogs are different, so you may want to know about the wide range of the best diets for dogs specifically designed for specific needs, such as weight management or some diseases. First, the decisive aspect of choosing thebest diet for dogs is not the shape, but the content. Both wet food and feed can provide all the important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, as long as the ingredients are high-quality. The two types of food have their advantages and disadvantages.

Home-cooked food is also one of the best diets for dogs. It can increase the quality of life of the dog. The homemade food gives the dog all the nutrition it needs for a healthy and happy life. The best diet for dogs depends on the choice of its owners or some recommendations of the veterinarian. The important thing is to meet all the nutritional needs of the pet.

  • What dog food is equivalent to Kirkland?

An equivalent for Kirkland dog food is Blue Buffalo Life Protection Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe for Adult Dogs. But, if you want to buy a similar for your puppy, try Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy. Merrick Classic Small Breed Recipe, Merrick Classic Small Breed Recipe, Wellness Complete Health Healthy Weigh also closely resembles Kirkland. For more info on best diet for dogs, visit our page about puppy feeding tips.

  • Is Sportmix dog food made in China?

Recently some Sportmix products have been withdrawn from the market because some of their ingredients come from China. Although the brand produces its feed in a plant-based in the United States, it appears to have used some Asian raw material.

What should I Feed my Dog?

  • Why was Sportmix dog recalled?

Sportmix has recalled for alleged use of aflatoxin in some of its dog foods. High levels of aflatoxins can cause liver damages, leading to death.

  • Are bananas good for dogs?

Dogs can eat bananas. The components of this fruit are very beneficial for the health of the dog. You can add bananas to their diet to make it more balanced.

  • Is Kirkland dog food high quality?

Kirkland is only available in Costco stores. It is a relatively inexpensive and high-quality dog food. Kirkland uses ingredients such as fresh lamb, fish, and turkey meats.

  • What dog food is not made in China?

Ollie, American Journey’s, Merrick, Taste of the Wild, Instinct Original, Castor and Pollux, True Acre, Victor, and Blue Buffalo produce 100% feed made in the United States. They also use raw materials from the country or Europe.

  • Is Kirkland dog food the same as Blue Buffalo?

Kirkland and Blue Buffalo do not offer similar products. Although the compositions of their dry dog meals seem similar, they have some important differences. For example, Kirkland uses more proteins than Blue Buffalo in the composition of its products.

  • How much should my dog eat a day?

Dry (balanced) food packaging usually has tables indicating the amount of food for each animal. This is done based on the weight and level of physical activity that pets have. For example, a dog that does a lot of exercises needs more food than a sedentary one. On the other hand, a puppy will eat more times a day than an adult.

  • Why is my dog so hungry?

Obsessions in dogs should be treated by a professional, as they often result from underlying problems such as stress, boredom, uneducated conditioning, or illnesses.

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Raw Diet for Dogs - FAQs

  • How many times a day should a dog poop?

The number of times a dog poop is conditional on the times it eats. A healthy dog will poop for every lunch and not long after eating its food. It usually poops an hour after lunch.

  • Do dogs poop after every meal?

Dogs have a short intestine. They cannot hold the poop for long. They usually have to poop all the time after each meal.

  • How do I firm up my dog’s stool?

Buy a better meal and make sure that the proteins it contains are high quality, low in fat, and with good carbohydrates. High-fiber feed also helps to firm up their stools.

  • How long after eating Do dogs poop?

Dogs cannot hold poop for long. If you have to take it for a ride to poop, it shouldn’t take more than an hour to do so. Avoid cleaning and take it out as soon as it finishes eating.

  • How do I feed my dog a balanced diet?

The ingredients of your dog’s feed are essential for a balanced diet that stays healthy and happy. The dry dog food should be rich in proteins, fiber, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

  • Can I feed my dog canned tuna?

Dogs can eat tuna fish. You must not give it exaggerated amounts. Our dog can also eat canned tuna. Although, you must make sure that tuna is preserved in olive oil, sunflower oil, or water.

  • What can I feed my dog instead of dog food?

You can replace feed with home-cooked food. The natural food you should provide to your dog should be based mainly on animal proteins, including also good sources of carbohydrates.

Best Diet for Dogs
Best Diet for Dogs

Homemade Dog Food - FAQs

  • Is it OK to feed dogs cooked chicken every day?

Yes, you can give chicken daily to your dog as it is very nutritious for him. However, you should also give it other things like rice or potato containing carbohydrates and fruits and vegetables to add fiber and vitamins to your diet.

  • Can I feed my dog scrambled eggs?

Yes, mainly because of its high protein content. Eggs, cooked or scrambled, are one of the foods that must be found in greater proportion in our dog’s diet. They also contain macronutrients and micronutrients, making them one of the most nutritious foods out there.

  • Can I feed my dog rice every day?

You can add rice to your dog’s diet. Both rice and cereals, in general, are a perfect choice for dogs as it brings them great properties and benefits.

  • Which is better for dogs white or brown rice?

Both white and brown rice is very healthy for the dog. Rice gives you the nutrients you need to live. A high-fiber diet will make your dog stronger and healthier.


There are many options for feeding your dog. On the market, there is a wide variety of feed and wet food for high-quality dogs. You have to check the composition of the feed you choose. Make sure it contains all the nutrients your dog needs. Remember to consider some aspects, such as the age and size of your dog when choosing the best diet for dogs. Make the best decision for your pet. If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian.

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