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Main Info on the Notable Neighborhoods in York, PA

Also referred to as Yorktown Homes you can probably guess what you will find the most in here. It is one very clean part of the city. The parks are well-trimmed during the year and people love to take their dogs on a walk around the calm streets. Not following a grid on the northern side, and with open views to front yards on both sides of the road, the view is quite nice.

There are no tall buildings around the neighborhood, being mostly covered by large homes that cost around 150.000 USD and have bot a front and a back yard. So it’s a normal part of town for normal people who enjoy a quiet lifestyle. There are restaurants of big brands like KFC or Chick-fil-A as well as some more local stores where you can find recently harvested honey among other products.

One of the most beloved parts seems to be the Yorktown Park, one that is especially very well cared for by the government and gives a spectacle of different and colorful flowers on every season of the year. 60% of people report that they walk alone at night without fear, ranking it low crime level.

The name is quite antiquated by now. Once known as Bottstown, along with the numbers 400 and 500 of the West Market Street more than a dozen doctors, pharmacists, gynecologists, and overall health personnel started to settle in apartments that were directly above their consulting room. The little fact became widespread and jokingly someone that we can’t identify started to refer to it as “Doctors Row”, and you can be sure that the name stuck around as by 1950 that was the official name of the micro-neighborhood that is almost completely around a single long main street.

Unfortunately, by the time that the name became that popular, the professionals that settled there some years ago started to migrate to other more populated and less competitive areas or simply started to age and not work anymore, so now it is just a single street with a story to tell. Apartments there are quite expensive as they are quite spacious, averaging at 1100USD each month only in rent, to that you must add taxes and services and… We may suggest passing the night at a hotel, preferably. It’s a little more accessible, Right?

If you continue walking along the West Market Street, the name will change to East Market street when you pass through the downtown of York and then you’ll find yourself at Downtown East, a cozy and extremely -walkable- part of town according to its residents. The area included the Martin Library, where more than 70 computers are waiting to answer all your questions as well as printers and a quiet study zone that students really like.

You can also find about the Friendship Baptist Church, the Asbury United Methodist Church, and the Grace Um Church less than a block away from each other, creating a little Holy Triangle where old folk tend to hang out while waiting for their grandchildren to come out of school.

If you are not into religion, you can find the York County History Center, one of the more important museums in the city, which houses an extensive collection of local and national art and history pieces throughout the neighborhood that you can’t miss out on. To prove that they are not lost in the past, they are quite active on their social media writing weekly articles that you can have a quick read on about interesting topics, you can find them on Twitter and Instagram by searching for York history.

This is one of the largest and oldest neighborhoods in the York city, inhabited since close to the 1800s, it covers a very big portion to the East of Broad Street and stretching all the way until it touches the Township line. Being one of the biggest we can surely find some interesting stuff in its records, let’s see: There’s a house that is quite… notoriously different from the other ones around, if you have that thought then you probably stumbled upon Bill and Sam Marquette’s house on North Sherman Street.

What makes their house special took the many years to archive, decorated by more than 200 sculptures, gnomes, paintings, and every single baffling thing you can imagine, their home resembles more a secret treasure vault than a place where you spend your evening watching TV.

Here you can find some more accessible but not less amazing looking homes, nearing 700USD per month for a flat and 850$ for a house with two bedrooms. There are also the parks and schools that brought life to the vicinity, old standing businesses that lasted generations right to the side of some manufacturers that could not pass the test of time and now lie abandoned on the city they help to fund.

Landmarks and Other Areas in York City

It has Historic on the name so you can figure out that the community of people here really loves their town. They are focused on preserving the identity of the community and they do an amazing job at it, arranging events weekly that all the family can enjoy. On some of these events, you can find the York’s Bubble Lady teaching kids to blow soap bubbles in the parks, or making giant bubbles that can even surround them completely!

She has a Facebook account in which she publishes some of the pictures where she can be seen doing her work. The Penn Farmers Market is the oldest of its kind in York. Opened in 1866, here is when you can find most of the fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and prepared meats that if you bring back will have every single member of your family asking where that salami came from and why you didn’t bring more with you. If you are vegetarian they have baked pieces of bread and bakery products that will blow your mind.

It opens very early in the morning at 6:30 am and by 2 pm everyone is already going home with a full belly and a smiley face. Extra fact time! Naval legend Captain John Smith was the person who made this contact.

A very narrow corridor more than a street that goes about three blocks in length somehow became a fully recognized neighborhood. Weird, isn’t it? Well, they have a reason.

The homes to both sides of the corridor were all fully removed by the year 1990, adding to them a much needed colorful design that looks amazing on snowy days. With parking allowed on the narrow little street, you do not have much space to walk in between, but the city planners knew that and made that decision on purpose.

They know that in autumn the sun rays were going to peep through the branches of the trees they planted on both sides and, for a moment, transport you to another country.

It is another place entirely. You may be thinking that we over romanticized a street but you can look at pictures if you want, they did a good job there.

As for the name, we did not find a definitive answer for that. Maybe they run out of their creative ideas before. And as a way to keep tourists away, they decided to spice up the name a bit (Probably not).

Standing above the East Side neighborhood and to the northeast side of downtown York, in this part of the town, you can find the York Revolution Baseball Stadium, the growing complexity of ThinkLoud properties as well as a few of the best Elementary Schools of the area.

The Northeast area is the home of one very recognized, and three time’s championship winner, team of Baseball called the Rosters (Or the York Revolution Rosters if you like).

They are recent winners as well, as their latest big title was earned in 2017 against a team from Long Island. People that went there have to say that the Stadium if one of the “most welcoming places” that they can think of about the city of York.

To the utmost part of the neighborhood and behind the Stadium you can find the Codorus Creek, a little stream of water.

This is also one of the oldest ones, is mostly developed on a period of 50 years after 1880, and left mostly untouched by time. There you can find mixture of Late Victorian styles with some Colonial Revival and, obviously, the American touch with the American Foursquare typical building style. For this reason, in 1983 the neighborhood was included on the National Register of Historic Places.

The neighborhood was developed a little longer than a full century ago, starting the works in the year 1882 and not having any major changes to the infrastructure since 1930 as the baseline was fully made in those 50 years of work.

The long process incorporated inspiration from different styles of architecture and give them a “Foursquare” touch, Foursquare being the name of the classical American house. Three well-known sites to find here are the Farquhar Park, the Parkway area of Homes and the innovative Northwest Triangle.

Olde Towne East is a largely residential but small in size neighborhood that is very near to the city center. In this streets you can find the home of a few organizations; some we can mention is the Asbury United Methodist Church, that, and I quote, “has been worshipping God and thereby creating faithful followers of Christ since the year 1986 when we first opened our doors to the people of York”. The WCYA organization, which fights against discrimination and roots toward empowering woman, is one of the most known. The Central Hispano of Reading and Berks County, an organization that looks to help the Latino population that lives in the States and are looking to improve their overall quality of life.

And we can also find the Tidings of Peace Christian School that is… a regular Christian school that everyone seems to love to be included! Just a couple of years ago we found out that part of why there are so many organizations and kind people residing here.

Now, after the cutest story, you may hear in the entire day, we will go through one of the more mediocre ones. This is not the neighborhood that is the farthest away from the city center but it definitely seems to be quite far away. The hood has seen better days. The few people that still live there are trying to bounce it back up but it has not been an easy task. The most interesting thing the few streets have going for them seems to be the Lincoln Charter School, which principal seems to be a pretty nice guy. Aside from the school, the neighborhood is referred to as the –drug boys corner-, and the crime rate seems to be a little higher than on the rest of the town.

Surely, Ed Williams, the good vibe hasn’t reached this part of the city yet but it will come. There are more “For sale” signs than police officers roaming the area even though teachers and honestly good-hearted families live there. They may need to leave their home just because no one seems to care about them, and for such a lovely city this is quite sad.

Other Top Sights in York, PA

We do not know how they decided to label the numbers of this neighborhood. This is because Shalom Zone Far East is exactly where the name says, on the Far East, exactly opposite from the previous mentioned Salem Square. And it is surrounded almost in three whole fronts by the greater East Side part of town, making kind of a claw-like shape seen from above. But maybe they have a reason to put it there, as this is referred to as the serious/boring part of town.

Not because of the town itself, but the people that live there seem to be the more political part of the society. So, they are knee-deep in the organization, policies, education, and a lot more. The only green part of the neighborhood is the Albemarle Park, which has some very strict rules… Yep, we were not lying about the first part. You can’t stay in the park past 10 pm, you can’t drink alcohol in the park, you can’t feed the pigeons in the park.

The city of York is located almost in the southernmost part of the state of Pennsylvania, very close to the East coast of the United States. The city is located just 50 miles (80km) north of the densely populated Baltimore city, and the little York serves somewhat as a little lung, a breath of fresh air, to escape from the busier and faster life below. Being properly named, the neighborhood is located in the southwest part of the city. We encounter ourselves with the “intellectual” part of the city.

Here you can find the York College Campus, busy college students, and some of the more beautiful natural looking houses in the whole of Pennsylvania. Not only enough with being nice to see, but the college campus is also supposed to have one of the best sport and athletic facilities. You will have a lot of fun over there. The neighborhood is nice and safe. A lot of people are moving in because of the college and the availability of many businesses.

But we are afraid to mention that the city does look better in the autumn months. The neighborhood borders the Southwest neighborhood its mainly referred site is the York Hospital. But we are afraid to mention that the dividing line lies in the middle of Rathton Rd., meaning that the Hospital is not in fact part of it. Occupying close to 10% of the size of the site is the Unitarian Universalist Church, probably where the students who are believers go before their finals. But it is also one of the favorite points of the old folk from town to go hang out, talk about good old times and have an endless conversation with anyone who wants to hear some good stories. With many museums to visit, little shops to buy farm-fresh food, long and cozy hikes that anyone regardless of age can enjoy, this neighborhood is small but you won’t get enough of it. The town is quite old in American terms, so you can expect every building to have some kind of story that deserves to be told.

Other of the bigger ones, in here you can find, quite spaced; two churches, a school, and a few stores in between. Some say that the area feels more than a suburb than part of a city, despite it being less than 5 minutes away from downtown. Five minutes on foot, from downtown. This is the dream place to live. Sadly, I seem to not be the only one who thinks this way as there is currently no single home available for rent online, but we can assume that the price will oscillate from 1200 and 1400 dollars each and every month just to live there as soon as some home is available. It is seen as a safer neighborhood and one of the best-looking as well, having all of the trees that decorate the long streets and blend in with the also tall homes. The cemetery is nearby, which is quite open and you can probably spend a good evening walking through thinking about life while reading the names of every tombstone.

Other Top Sights by Experience

We go back to the southern part of town to find the Veterans Memorial Park that lies between S Queen St. (The Street that divides this neighborhood from Springdale) and the park per sé. The Veterans Memorial Park is often visited to attend war memorial services in honor of the people who died in battle, mostly during the American Civil War. The park also holds the York Ice Arena and the Beach York Outdoor Volleyball, which I mention because it is rare that both sports centers are that close to each other while targeting sports that have nothing to do with the other.

One of them had been mentioned as the best family ice skating facility in the whole state of Pennsylvania as well as having a quite nice hockey facility as well that is totally open to teach visitors a few tricks. There is also a Battling Cage that uses machines to teach you some fighting techniques. You can even go and learn some sword fighting skills in an afternoon. In this part of town, you can also find the York Catholic High School that has a pretty nice rating, if you want to send your kids there.

One of the most recognized restaurants of the city has the name of the neighborhood in where it sits, West Bank. So you better check out some of their mixture of very European and VERY American food. They are also open until quite late if you want to get some drinks there and hang out a little with the friendly staff. The neighborhood is rectangle-shaped. And it is close to the Doctors Row Street with two other sides. These sides are surrounded by the Codorus Creek small stream of water that is surrounded with rocks on both sides.

As a result, this place has an amazing look that we recommend you check on Google. The name of the stream is translated as “quick water” or “rapid water”. But we can only assume that they were saying that jokingly. In fact, the street is calm almost all the time. Most of the Historic Newton Square and the entrance to the Bantz Park is located here as well if you want to see some nature that hasn’t really been touched that much. You will have a lot of fun in this neighborhood and a lot of trip advisors put this place on their list.

Perpendicular to the little river, a street has been booming in the past years intending to become an extension of the city downtown center. It has been receiving some good investment opportunities that are named Weco when talking about all of them combined. Weco refers to the “West of Codorus” districts or neighborhood that is being remodeled with this in mind. Being only 4 blocks long and two wide, the site has the opportunity to become something interesting in the next years. This is because some wealthy residents decide to call it home and a few more shops decide to open their doors. In 2015 one kind of forgotten Marketviews Store was sold to a company that began to transform the place quickly.

And it’s now the York County Industrial Center Development. It surely was a good choice as the city’s government embraces the idea and helped nearby shops to remodel their stores and looked after new investment opportunities from residents and non-residents. If you have an extra buck you may give it a thought. Just above of the upmost street you have a long corridor that leads you to the Penn Street Art Bridge. That is in reality part of the Northwest neighborhood but the most common access is through here and we thought it is worth mentioning anyway

It is one of the main streets of the city that contains a very big percentage of popular sites among visitors. To get there you can go straight from Baseball stadium following St George St. and passing through one of the two bridges that go above the little water stream. It is the same street that after a few more blocks reaches all the way to the Southern Hospital. There is also one of the doors that peep into the Central Market, but not the main hall. So you can check on the nearby farmers and shoppers lifting their products back and forth. You can also find the York County Judicial Center just opposite of the Appell Center, a small cinema that focuses on indie and low-budget movies made from very small groups of people.

Below the Judicial Center are the Sheriff offices and the Probation & Parole Board from who we can only assume is a “true patriot”, Sheriff Danny Diggs. He lowered the crime rate on the entire county since he first stepped in the commissary a while ago now. And he also managed to get praised on national TV on NYC. If you go there from the end of February to the middle of April you can find the streets blooming on both sides with pear trees. But it may be a little distracting when you have more than 10 takeout’s in less than 4 blocks.

It is the newest addition to the city. And it is located above the first one that we mentioned, the Devers Area. It holds a lovely condominium community that has to withstand the noisy Route that constantly blasts with truckers behind them. Nearby you can also find the Colony Park Lanes North, a very family-friendly bowling site. And when you can stop to have a quick snack, you will have a lot of fun. Just a few meters away you can see a Dunkin Donuts. It is one of the most American big brands that exist maybe just being surpassed by McDonald’s or Burger King.

Also, you can find a BK just across the Route 30 opposite to the coffee shop. The houses are quite crowded together in this place, so you won’t see very large yards like in other parts of town. But what you can find are old people sitting in benches or those typical white plastic chairs laughing below the sun on an evening just before or after having lunch.

Yorktown Homes is one of the neighborhoods in York, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. This neighborhood is the home to more than 5,900 people, according to the data released. It is worth mentioning that Yorktown Homes offers many bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Owing to the availability of a wide range of services, it attracts many people across the country to relocate here.

Yorktown Park: Located at 1089 Kelly Dr, York, PA 17404, United States, Yorktown Park is just a few kilometers away from Yorktown Homes. The environment of this park is very visitor friendly and also considered as the most suitable place for walking around, do some jungle workout, do a picnic and so on. Besides, kids also love to walk and play around this park. Don’t worry about security because this park is highly secured. To sum it up, check this landmark. It is worth it.

Surrounded by amazing neighborhoods, including Chamers Hills Commons, Wilshire Hills, Greystone Farms, and so, Longstown village is a neighborhood in York, Pennsylvania. The best feature of Longstown Village is it offers cozy homes that are very reasonably priced. This is a well-established community that continues to attract interest from buyers looking in the York area.

Penn Oaks Swim Club: Who doesn’t love to enjoy summer vacation by swimming in the cold water? Everyone does! Hence, Penn Oaks Swim Club is the best summer spending place. Located at 3390 Edenbridge Rd, York, PA 17402, United States, Penn Oaks Swim Club is well-equipped, and it has a cozy, small hometown vibe in its pool. If you love to spend some quality time as well as enjoy the summer heat, this place is highly recommended for you.

Arlington Park is a neighborhood in Spry, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. This place is quite significant not only because it offers a great atmosphere and home to its visitors but also it is surrounded by many mentionable places. Looking at the map, Arlington Park is almost adjacent to the tourist hotspots. For instance: William Kain Park.

William Kain Park is known as one of the best parks because it is equipped with trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding, plus 2 lakes and kayak rentals. In plain words, this park has everything you need to enjoy your evening or leisure time. Located at 274 Hess Farm Rd, York, PA 17407, United States, this park is only a few kilometers away from Arlington Park. All in all, William Kain Park has beautiful scenery and an excellent family gathering place.

Business Partners in York, PA

This concludes our points of interest in York. In all reality, the city has beautiful parks, restaurants, theaters, etc. We hope that you liked the places presented and that you were interested, we wish you a good trip to all who visit the place. The city is rich with a ton of businesses that make your life-style there super comfortable. And if you are into animals, you need to consult our vet clinic York PA.