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Eskenazi Art Museum in Bloomington Indiana

Bloomington is located in the southwest part of Indianapolis, which Mayor John Hamilton currently leads. The 930 area code serves the city, and its population as of 2019 was 84,116. Bloomington’s elevation is 235 meters, and its wind speed is estimated at 11 kilometers per hour. The city’s humidity rate is estimated at 52%, and its current sales tax rate is 7%. Upon visiting the city, be prepared to enjoy the city’s dynamic energy, amazing outdoor activities, world-class sporting events, and classic educational activities, to mention but a few.

The city’s welcoming nature is what attracts most visitors, thus its tremendous growth. Eskenazi Art Museum is an incredible museum in Bloomington located at 1133 E 7th St, Bloomington, IN 47405, USA. The doors to this posh museum opened at 10 AM. The architectural design used to construct the museum is Brutalist architecture designed by architect I. M. Pei.

The museum was opened in 1941 under a direction given by Radford Henry Hope. The main aim of constructing the museum was to dedicate it as a center of cultural crossroads, which was an idea that was drafted by Herman B Wells, who was then the president of Indiana University. Also, check this Veterinary Diagnostics in Bloomington Indiana.

About the Museum

Eskenazi Art Museum in Bloomington

The museum’s collections add up to almost 45,000 objects, while those on display amount to 1,400. These collections range from ancient jewelry to paintings done by famous painters like Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso. After the museum announced its biggest cash gift in May 2016, it was renamed Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art to honor the most famous philanthropists from Indianapolis, Lois, and Sydney Eskenazi.

The coordinates to this amazing museum are 39.17 degrees north and 86.52 degrees west. However, it was not until May 15, 2017, when the museum was closed for renovations. The closure also included the addition of a gallery, visitor spaces, and teaching amenities. After the renovations were done, the museum was opened again for the public on November 7, 2019.

There are three permanent galleries in Eskenazi Museum, and they include the Arts of Asia, the Ancient Western World, and the Gallery of Art of the Western World. Displays in the Ancient Western World and Gallery of the Art of Asia include bronzes, ancient Chinese porcelains, mosaics, Japanese paintings Etruscan and Roman vases.

Programs and Education

There are also almost 5,000 pieces from different parts of the world under display in the Burton Y. Berry Collection of Ancient Jewelry. The museum also abounds with many European Old Master paintings that were done by Felipe Vigarny, Bernado Strozzi, Vittore Crivelli, Niccolo di Buonaccorso and Gerard Terborch. In matters concerning programs and education, the museum offers free tours every Saturday at 2 PM.

The museum’s trained docents oversee these tours, and this allows visitors to gain access to a unique experience, and this is based on conversations and close viewing. The Noon Talks and Gallery Talks are done by educators, guest lecturers, curators, and graduate students. It is with no doubt that with this type of process that the visitors will gain knowledge about the history and contributions done by artwork. So please make an effort and visit the museum today.

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