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Services offered by our Animal Doctors

Humans are so much attached towards their pets due to the unconditional love they offer irrespective of the situation. Everyone who has a pet is pretty much used to live with them. But, if you have to visit someone out of the city then you have to leave your dog at your home. Dogs can survive on their own in the streets, but the dogs that are used to live with the human's social interaction cannot be able to make an hour alone on their own. Our pets boarding services are here for you and your dog’s rescue. You can leave your beloved pet at our daycare center in Davidsburg, PA and can get a hold of your situation without bothering anymore.

The pets’ daycares are mostly used to have the pet dog and leashes all day long and never lets them play. But we are not like another dog daycare centers. Here, at Heaven 4ur Pet Pennsylvania, we take care of our little clients as they are the kindergarten kids. We have the required amount of staff and emergency veterinarians to take care and give the attention your dog demands. Your pet can roam on its own and play with another pet we have at our hospitality. No strings attached while your pet is at our daycare.

Our vet Services in Davidsburg are Comprehensive

At our animal hospital in Davidsburg, PA we can assist your dog in behavioral management with the help of our most advanced and trained staff in that department. We are not just a daycare service for your pet, but also a certified vet service provider. You can give a call to us if you are having any type of issue with your pet dog. Our emergency veterinarian treats your four-legged friends like our own. We strictly take care of our clients in every medical condition and help them maintain a healthy diet. Our emergency vet services is a comprehensive package that can do professional teeth cleaning, dental care, vet surgery, behavioral therapy, and a lot more as follows:

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Landmarks in Davidsburg, PA

Davidsburg is an unincorporated community. Davidsburg does not make it onto the list of prominent places in Pennsylvania, as such, it is not a census designated place. Therefore, statistics on population will have been added to the nearest census designated area, which is Weigelstown. The community can be accessed via PA Route 4008, also known as Davidsburg Road and can also be found 3 miles to the west of Weigelstown. The zip code is 17315 and the area codes are 717 and 223. This is because Davidsburg does not have an area code of its own but uses those assigned to York Count.

Impact Powersports: If you are riding through the area and you need a place to get your motorcycle checked, then impact powersports will be the place you can turn to. They can be found at 5261 Davidsburg Rd, Dover, 17315, PA, US.

Doll's Oil Co. LLC: It is not every day you come across a fuel depot in your travels. Those big white tanks of the Doll’s Oil Company can be found at 6081 Davidsburg Road, Dover, 17315, PA, US. The tanks serve as a great landmark as there is not much to note as you drive through Davidsburg.

Driving Directions

Landmarks in Davidsburg, PA

Dover Antique Mall
Mountain Grove Chapel
3G's Tree Farm Dover PA
Shoppe American Made dover pa

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