Pet Owners Acknowledge our Greenwood Emergency Vet

Our staff helps you find licensed veterinarians in Greenwood, Indiana. We have the experience needed to offer you the best emergency veterinary services. And we advance our education to other levels. To ensure that we do not jeopardize quality; we keep track of emerging trends and adjust accordingly to help us maintain the quality of our services. We use advanced equipment and ensure that services are offered digitally. Proper examination is done when we use computers. But what is unique about our veterinary clinics in Greenwood, IN?

Computers help us store critical information about files for easy accessibility when needed. We have no authority of blocking our client’s decisions since we know how much they love their pets. Emergency and treatment services are also offered at our animal hospital in Greenwood, IN.

Being a pet owner is not only a good thing but also needs responsibility. For instance, if you own a dog you need to visit a vet clinic at least once in a year. Pet owners are advised to visit the vet clinic frequently if their pets have special needs. Since we mean the best for your pets, we take good care of them and inform you on when you should make another visit to the vet clinic. Making our customers aware about our services is our duty and that’s why we want to have an overview of our veterinary services. Since we offer a variety of emergency veterinary services in Greenwood, the list is not exclusive. Find more info about our pet hospital through reaching out to us.

What does our Emergency Veterinary Hospital Cover?

On-site diagnostics: On-site diagnostics assist us with getting the information that we need quickly and accurately. Time needed to wait for results from the lab after testing is reduced. We do that all for you right here under the same roof.

Fracture Treatment: The development of fractures is predominantly caused by accidents. Since fractures cause a lot of pain, you are advised to handle an affected animal with great care. Breaking may take place easily. When you think that your pet has a fracture, give us a call on your way to the office. Through this information, we adequately prepare for your arrival. The emergency vet department is the place where fracture treatment is done mostly.

Wound Repair and Management: Wound dressing and cleaning is seriously done before you leave with your pet. Since pets like licking their wounds, placing a cone or ring around their neck helps you reduce this tendency. It makes it difficult for the pet to reach the wound. Pets do not get hurt by the ring or cone even though they don’t like them. Wounds differ in size and service requirement but our staff is trained to offer all types of wound repair services. Our vet hospital can help with that in all cases.

In-house Veterinary Blood Tests: We have the proper equipment to offer our blood testing in house. This type of testing is vital when examining your pet for various diseases. By using the same roof, we offer both blood and urine testing services. It’s a good way of saving some coins and time. Through these tests, we get a clear understanding of what is happening and how we can help. Call us for more information about our Vet Greenwood.

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