Our Veterinarians offer Diverse Emergency Veterinary Services

Our vet clinics in Meridian Hills, Indiana offer many different types of vet services which we will be going over in more detail a bit later. If you recently became a pet owner, welcome! A pet is a friendly animal that brings nothing but happiness to the owner. We work with pet owners to help them fully understand how to care for their pets. We also help you find a low cost animal hospital in Meridian Hills, Indiana.

We have dedicated and visionary experts who make sure your friend receive great services. Despite our love for pets; we always work with the information provided by the pet owner. One of the signs that your pet is sick is change in behavior. And in case you see this, call us today. We will take our chances by doing some inspection and necessary procedures when needed. In-house testing enables us get answers about your pets quick with no waiting time.

Our Veterinary Center offers Other Services in Meridian Hills, Indiana

Vet Surgery: It’s not important to carry out surgery if it’s not needed. However, in situations where your pet swallows a foreign material and passing it is a problem, surgery is needed. Surgery is also an option should there be an accident or maybe your pet needs a biopsy. We offer vet surgery here at our veterinary clinic in Meridian Hills, IN.

Pets' Vaccinations: Happiness and Health is what pets need and this is achieved by use of vaccines. Considering your pet type, we offer an array of vaccinations. You should get in contact with us immediately you are unaware whether your pet has been vaccinated. Our emergency vets do more than pets’ vaccinations and regular shots.

On-site diagnostics: In-house diagnosis is the best way of obtaining fast and accurate information needed by specialists. There isn't a need to wait for them to be sent out and the results to come back. All this is done under the same roof. Call us today to find the best emergency vets in Meridian Hills, Indiana.

GEO-Related Info and Landmarks in the Community

Meridian hills, Indiana community is right in the heart of Washington Township in Marion County, Indiana. It can be found 6.5 miles to the downtown of Indianapolis. The Meridian Creek runs through it, which makes it one of the most northerly features of the community.

It is bound to the west by Spring Mill Rd, N College Avenue to the east, Holiday Park Nature Center to the south. The community is home to 1,616 people in 644 households, which makes it a sparsely populated suburban area. The community sits on 1.48 square miles of land. It is served by three zip codes; 46220, 46240 and 46260.

Foster Hall: This hall also goes by the name of Melodeon Hall. It sits in the campus of Park Tudor School but it serves as more than a good building to look at. It is the home that was built for a prominent businessman in the area to serve as housing for a collection of Stephen Foster material. Foster Hall can be found at 7200 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46240, US.

Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation: It is not every day that you come across a synagogue. This is definitely worth paying a visit. It can be found at 6400 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46260 US.

Top Sights around Zip Codes 46220, 46240 and 46260

Blickman Educational Trail Park
Foster Hall
Central Canal Trail

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