Why you Should try our Vet Clinics in Imperial Hills, IN?

Our emergency veterinarians have many years of training and experience and continue our education as much as we can. To ensure that we do not jeopardize quality; we keep track of emerging trends and adjust accordingly to help us maintain the quality of our services. Despite offering certified animal care services in a digital manner, we also use up to date equipment.

Proper examination is done when we use computers. This also allows us to share documents with you, should you need copies or a second opinion. We understand that your pet is family and value your decisions. We offer emergency veterinary services in Imperial Hills, Indiana as well as wellness care for your pet.

Our Licensed Veterinarians offer a Complete Package!

Fracture Treatment: Due to accidents, sometimes fractures may occur. Since fractures cause a lot of pain, you are advised to handle an affected animal with great care. They may snap more easily. Report it on your way to our office if you feel like your pet is suffering a fracture. This information is crucial in helping us get prepared for your arrival. Mostly, fracture treatment services are done in our emergency vet department.

Wound Repair and Management: After seriously cleaning and dressing your pet, you are allowed to leave with it. In most cases, animals will be tempted to lick the wound. And, because of that, you need a ring or cone around their neck. Making contact with the wound makes it difficult for the pet. Despite the fact that pets don’t like the ring or cone, they are not hurt by them. Wounds differ in size and service requirement but our licensed veterinarians are trained to offer all types of wound repair services.

In-house Veterinary Blood Tests: Our team of specialists utilizes advanced equipment for blood testing in-house. Through this process, we can easily detect other diseases in your pet. We offer all types of blood and urine testing under the same facility. Through this, a few bucks and time are saved. Such tests give us a clue of what’s happening with your pet and wins us a chance of offering the appropriate service. Call us to find an accredited animal hospital around Imperial Hills, Indiana.

Landmarks and Fun Places to Visit in Imperial Hills, IN

Imperial Hills is a suburb of Greenwood. It can be found in Johnson County and is home to 2543 people. It is a moderately populated suburban area and is mostly known for the housing options available. Imperial Hills is bound to the north by County Line Road. To the west, it is bound at Bomar Lane. The easter boundary is found at Tree Top Lane and the south is a natural one at Fountain Creek. The Imperial Hills Area of Greenwood is served by the zip code 46142 and 46143 and the area code is 463.

Greenwood Park Mall: No county in America would be complete without the inclusion of a big ode to capitalism. This is the very thing that Greenwood Park Mall stands for. This impressive and beautiful structure is home to a variety of businesses ranging from shopping to food and so much more. You can find this beautiful mall at 1251 US Highway 31 N, Greenwood, Indiana, 46142.

City Center Park: Your children need to be around children their age, and you definitely need peace of mind from all the noise. Why not kill two birds with one stone by taking yourselves to the City Center Park? This park can be found at 415 Lincoln St, Greenwood, IN 46142 US.

Landmarks and Fun Places to Visit in Imperial Hills, IN

Indiana World War Memorial | The Children's Museum of Indianapolis | Indianapolis Zoo |
Soldiers & Sailors Monument | Garfield Park | Indianapolis Motor Speedway |

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